New Mythic Hero Thrasir arrives on September 30th

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New Mythic Hero, Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch

The latest new character trailer for Fire Emblem Heroes has dropped! Watch it here or check it out through the in-game announcements.

This banner introduces our latest Mythic Hero, Thrasir: Omnicidal Witch! She is one of the Fire Emblem Heroes original characters, and appears as a green infantry mage. Thrasir is a Defensive Mythic, and is attuned to Anima: her ally boost grants +5 HP and +5 Defense.

Thrasir, Omnicidal Witch

Thrasir is a powerful mage who comes with her own personal weapon, Ífingr, It gives her dragon effectiveness, and provided she’s within three spaces of an ally, a large boost and follow-up skill negation, but also debuffs her allies. Dragon effectiveness will make her an annoying defense hero, and with the right skills, she will likely be able to punch holes in enemy offense teams.

Killing Intent allows her to immediately follow up provided she is able (granting the effect of Desperation), and the enemy is under max HP or has a penalty applied. This synergises well with Chill skills, Savage Blow, and units such as Aversa. She should be a great teammate to common defense units such as Brave Veronica, or any unit capable of inflicting aoe debuffs or damage.

Her performance is based on many conditions, and although they are in theory easy to meet, it can be tricky to set up on Aether Raids defense where your units are controlled by AI. However, she should prove to be an annoying defense unit due her dragon effectiveness and access to Desperation effects at full HP, which will delay counterattacks on slower units and punish them hard if they lack Resistance.

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