New Refreshing Heroes Ishtar, Berkut, Nephenee, and Reinhardt Arrive September 6th

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Special Heroes: A Splendid Soiree

Today, Nintendo dropped a video revealing the newest additions to Fire Emblem Heroes! If you haven’t already seen it, the trailer can be viewed through the in-game announcements.

Dubbed “A Splendid Soiree”, the new banner features four dancers; Ishtar, Berkut, Nephenee, and Reinhardt. A fifth character, Rinea, will be available for free through the upcoming Tempest Trials+ Event.

Please Note: As they are dubbed Special Heroes, this means the new heroes are seasonal, and will not be a part of the regular summoning pool.

Ishtar, Thunder’s Waltz

Ishtar is the game’s first flying red tome refresher. Aside from coming with Dance, she possesses a personal weapon similar to original Reinhardt’s infamous Dire Thunder – though it only inflicts a -2 Spd penalty and has 8 mt. She also comes with the highly coveted Swift Sparrow 3.

With 34 Attack and 36 Speed Ishtar outclasses Summer Tana offensively, setting a new record for best offensive stats of any red tome flier. With her personal weapon, she’s guaranteed to be a strong offensive unit on top of being a refresher.

Berkut, Debonair Noble

Berkut isn’t the first of his kind, but he is the first lance infantry to be released since Shiro back in 2017! His personal weapon is similar to Performing Azura’s Urðr, granting an across-the-board stat buff to units he refreshes with Dance.

Berkut’s stats are similar to his other two forms, giving him plenty of HP, Attack and Defense at the cost of his Speed and Resistance. Having low Speed is a problem, but Berkut is valuable defensively, unlike the other units. He introduces B Duel Infantry, allowing low-BST blue infantry to score higher in the Arena.

Nephenee, Sincere Dancer

Nephenee is our first bow using refresher, and is unfortunately the only unit on the banner without a personal weapon. Her base weapon, the Fiddlestick Bow, is new yet similar to the Hama Ya – providing a slightly better Drive Def/Res to allies assuming the foe is using a sword, lance, axe, dragonstone, or beaststone.

However, she has amazing offensive stats for an archer: 35 Attack and 36 Speed make her one of the deadliest bow users. She renders Bridal Cordelia technically obsolete, as each of Nephenee’s stats is higher than Bridal Cordelia’s, and she has the ability to Dance.

Reinhardt, Lightning’s Rondo

Reinhardt is our first flying green tome refresher, mirroring Ishtar. His weapon is also similar to hers, and base Reinhardt’s own Dire Thunder. However, Reinhardt’s trades a bigger -5 Speed penalty for one extra mt (9 instead of 8).

His base kit leaves little to the imagination: Death Blow, Chill Res, and Joint Hone Atk all serve to boost his offensive power. And true to his base form, Reinhardt has high base Attack, low Speed, and average Defense and Resistance. Like Ishtar, he’s guaranteed to be a deadly offensive unit thanks to his great Attack and personal weapon.

Rinea, Reminiscent Belle

Rinea can be spotted at the end of the trailer, and her presence was confirmed by an official announcement. She is not available on the banner, but will instead be a reward for participating in the upcoming Tempest Trials+.

She is a blue tome infantry, and has the Dance ability like all of the other units. She lacks a personal weapon but introduces the Silver Goblet, the blue tome version of Nephenee’s new Fiddlestick Bow.

Like most Tempest Trial free units, she has a well-rounded, but poorly optimised statline. Bracing Blow and Fireflood Dance are worthy reasons to use her as fodder, but she’ll be most useful kept around as a refresher.

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