New Three Houses Characters Arriving to Fire Emblem Heroes on August 7th

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Article by David Teraoka

New Heroes from Three Houses

On Sunday, August 4th, 2019, a new preview video for upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes characters was posted to the Nintendo Mobile YouTube channel.

The characters previewed were Hilda, Hubert, Mercedes, and Petra, and will be arriving on August 7th. 

The four Heroes' properties are as follows:

  • Hilda: Idle Maiden, an infantry axe 
    • Freikugel, Moonbow, Atk/Spd Solo 3, Null Follow Up 3, Def Opening 3
  • Hubert: Sinister Servant, an infantry red tome 
  • Mercedes: Kindly Devotee, an infantry staff
  • Petra: Princess of Brigid, a blue dagger flier

Death Knight will also be available from a Grand Hero Battle later in the month. 

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