Dragon Dancer

Dragon Dancer

Sakura is basically along for the ride to keep everyone healthy while they go on a rampage. It's important to get Tiki straight into range of Takumi to bait him into blowing himself up before Skadi activates though.

A) Steady Breath
B) Quick Riposte 3
C) Threaten Attack 3
S) Defence +3
Skill - Aether
Support - Reposition

A) Distant Counter (I use Light Breath since the refine's pretty good)
B) Renewal 3
C) Fortify Dragons
S) Attack Smoke 3
Skill - Blizzard
Support - Dance

A) Distant Counter
B) Quick Riposte 3
C) Hone Dragons
S) Iote's Shield
Skill - Bonfire
Support - Draw Back