Offensive Healer

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Set Explanation
  • Preferred IV: +DEF / -RES or -ATK

  • Weapon: Dazzling Pain+

  • Assist: Recover+ / Rehabilitate

  • Special: Imbue / Miracle

  • Passive A: Close Def / Fortress Def / Defense +3

  • Passive B: Guard / Seal Atk/Def / Chill Spd / Live to Serve

  • Passive C: Savage Blow

  • Sacred Seal: Savage Blow

Thanks to his titanic Defense, Azama is unlike any other healer in the game and can stand in harm’s way with little to fear. This build capitalizes on Azama’s defenses while maintaining the destructive AOE damage that Pain provides. If you don't want to use Azama to attack, it may be better to run with the build below which focuses more on team support. 

In many ways, this is a standard Razzle Dazzle set. Double Savage Blow combined with the Pain staff allow Azama to wreak havoc on enemy teams without a risk, thanks to the Dazzling Staff refine. However, his poor Attack means that Wrathful Staff cannot help him much, and so it’s better to forego it for a better B slot for him. Guard ensures that he can take hits without enemies charging deadly specials. Seal Atk/Def is another option that can turn a positioning error into an opportunity for one of Azama’s team-mates. Chill Spd is a great option for Azama, and with a Speed boon, will make him much harder to double. It's best used in combination with offensive team-mates. Live to Serve takes full advantage of Azama's survivability, and is recommended if taking him to multi-map modes such as the Tempest Trials.

Close Def gives Azama even more Defense, enough to survive even double attacks from many foes. Fortress Def is a great alternative as is the cheaper Defense +3. Recover+ is the best choice for healing as it does not depend entirely on his Attack. Imbue gives Azama a small boost to his healing support, which helps to make up for his low Attack. Miracle's low charge time makes it somewhat unreliable, but it does make Azama a nightmare to KO, particularly when he runs Live to Serve.

SP Cost