Atk/Def Catch 4

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At start of combat, if foe's HP = 100% or if【Penalty】is active on foe, grants Atk/Def+7 to unit during combat. At start of combat, if foe's HP = 100% and【Penalty】is active on foe, grants an additional Atk/Def+2 to unit during combat. 


All effects that last "on foe through its next action." Includes penalties inflicted by a skill like Panic or Threaten and negative status effects (preventing counterattacks, restricting movement, or the effects of a skill like Triangle Adept or Guard).

Inheritable Restrictions?

Cavalry & Flying Only

Cavalry & Flying Only

Skillsets that use skill

FE1 memes are forced and you should feel bad (Vulture + Menace Tank)

Minerva Face Tank (Melee Specialist)

The Power of Violence resides in me! (Offense)

Preventively(?) Pokable Papi (Melee Blitzer / Tank)

Funny Phantom Thief Ricardo (Mixed/Enemy Phase)

She has… uhh…. Automatic follow-ups? (Player Phase)

Why did it take 2 years for this guy to come out (Offense)

Strength By Flame, Flame in Strength (Rally + Ruse Support)

Genderbend Reginn but THICC (Bulky Duelist)

Tatiana Simp (Offensive / Player Phase Focus)

This is a person of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the queen's imagination. Any resemblance to suspiciously dumb blonde knights from Grust is purely coincidental. (Low-Investment / General-Use Tank)

REEEEEEEEEEEEE (General Frontliner)

I Know This is a Haar Build But R.I.P. Sothis Lmao (Melee Specialist)

my job here is done (Offensive / Damage Focus)

flew too close to the sun (Offensive / Damage Focus)

we ride at dawn (Galeforce / Hit-and-Run)