Cancel Affinity 3


Any weapon triangle affinity granted by unit's skills is negated. If affinity disadvantage exists, weapon triangle affinity granted by foe's skills is reversed.

Inheritable Restrictions?

Excludes Tome and Staff Users

  • Excludes Tome and Staff Users

Unlocks at 4 ★

Skillsets that use skill

Trouble’s A-Brewin' (Anti-Mage)

Cancel Affinity


Cancel Affinity is perhaps one of the most niche skills in the game, as its entire purpose is to counter a single skill, Triangle Adept. The way it works is that it reverses weapon triangle affinity granted by Triangle Adept in the event that the Cancel Affinity user is in a disadvantageous matchup. The net result is that if the opponent is running Triangle Adept 3, then color advantage is negated entirely; it becomes a neutral matchup. The advantage removal also applies to mages running Triangle Adept and a Raven tome; however, it does NOT apply if the mage is running a Raven tome, but not Triangle Adept.


The best users of Cancel Affinity are colorless units and Firesweep weapon users. There is an overlap there; archers running Firesweep Bow make spectacular use of Cancel Affinity. The reason colorless units are good users of Cancel Affinity is that it allows them to bypass the disadvantage against enemy mages running Triangle Adept/Raven tome. However, even this scenario is fairly niche because most units have significantly better options for their B skill. Firesweep archers don’t have this issue, as they can mostly run whatever they want as their B skill, making Cancel Affinity a fantastic option. Melee Firesweep weapon users can use Cancel Affinity to decent effect; however, it can be risky to use it instead of movement B skills like Hit and Run or Drag Back, as they provide a significant boost in survivability.


As a result of being one of the most niche skills in the game, Cancel Affinity suffers in that it has no effect unless the opponent is using one specific skill, Triangle Adept. Furthermore, even when facing units with Triangle Adept, it is often better to simply take those enemies out using allies with color advantage. One of the biggest drawbacks to running Cancel Affinity is that it takes up the B skill slot; there are a huge variety of powerful B skills that are almost always better options. Ultimately, Cancel Affinity is a highly niche skill whose best usage is on a Firesweep archer with significant team support (with the goal of that archer being the team’s primary source of damage).