Fatal Smoke 3

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Foe cannot recover HP during or after combat, and after combat, inflicts【Deep Wounds】on target and foes within 2 spaces of target.

【Deep Wounds】

Unit's HP cannot be healed through its next action.

Inheritable Restrictions?

No Staff

Unlocks at 5 ★

Skillsets that use skill

Wind Deniers Be Like “Must Have Been the Uhhh Um the Uhhh” (Aether Raids Defense)

Huey Landing Pad (Aether Raids Defense)

Life and Depth (Aether Raids Defense and more)

Neon Genesis Cantogelion (Sweep Skill / Hit and Run Focus)

Blossoms on the Water’s Edge (Aether Raids Defense)

Blue Legendary Lilina (Aether Raids Defense)

Bonds Beyond Blood (Aether Raids Defense)

Rule Breaker (Offensive Focus / Aether Raids Defense)

Oh, My Sweet Summer Child (Offensive Nuke / Aether Raids Defense)

A Midsummer Night's Mare (Distant Tank)

There's No Way Big Bro Is This Tiny And Inflatable!! (Mixed Solo Attacker / Low Investment)

Maddening Enemy Archer (Firesweep Poison Strike)

Not Actually Very Much Like Jeralt (Standard Offensive)

An intelligent boy! A handsome boy! A boy of many talents! (Aether Raids Defense)

Do you like AR Offense? I hope not. (AR Defense)

When you hear one fire joke too many. (Offense)

I’ll never forget the ease you put me in... (Aether Raids Defense)

Remains of the Day (Offensive Nuke / Aether Raids Defense)

Reinhardt's #1 Fan (Non AR Player Phase)

The American Truth (AR Defense)

Real Clown Hours (Defensive Nuke)

Wild Wabbit Whammy (General Offense / Sweeper)

my job here is done (Offensive / Damage Focus)

You can’t win against Gharnef. (Offense)