Live to Serve 3


When healing allies with a staff, unit also recovers the same amount

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Restricted to units that use a Staff.

Unlocks at 4 ★

Live to Serve


Coming in as one of the few skills only available on staff-wielders, Live to Serve is one of the few worth mentioning. It’s a one-dimensional skill, which heals the wielder of the staff for the same amount of HP they heal their ally for. It patches up one of the two main problems that staff-wielders have: their low survivability.


Live to Serve has great synergy with healers in general. One of the primary drawbacks of healers is their weakness in battle. Live to Serve can help to circumvent that weakness by keeping their health topped up. In some situations, you can even use your healer as a tank, particularly if they have a high defense or resistance stat. Live to Serve is for more pure healer builds, over alternatives such as Seal skills, Dazzling Staff and Wrathful Staff. While the aforementioned B slot skills grant powerful effects in their own right, they are best on healers with high offensive stats. Live to Serve fulfills the opposite purpose, working well with good defensive stats. Live to Serve lets healers take support skills with more raw healing power, such as Mend and the powerful Rehabilitate without risking the life of the healer. For longer modes such as the Chain Challenge and Tempest Trials, Live to Serve is a fantastic skill choice if you choose to run a healer.


Healers have access to many powerful B slot skills, and Live to Serve may not be viable when compared to Dazzling Staff, Wrathful Staff or a Seal skill. This skill also comes down to playstyle: For Live to Serve to be technically effective, your healer must be suffering damage. If you are able to keep your healer safe, then you won’t have much use for Live to Serve. And of course, staff-wielders themselves are niche units, and are not often seen during the arena.