Keaton +HP with PP

Well, a beautiful wolf showed up and he has a +HP IV, I merged him with the other -Atk +HP Keaton I had to get rid of that awful Atk flaw. So, with this really high HP, I was thinking about inheriting him Panic Ploy from Garon. The build will be

Wolfskin Fang
Draconic Aura
A: Death Blow 3
B: Special Spiral 3
C: Panic Ploy
S: Brazen Atk/Def 3 (idk if this is a good skill cuz it doesn't sinergize with Panic Ploy)

If you have any other recommendations please let me know, thanks for your attention!

Asked by CrisValdez14091 year 2 months ago


He is kind of right on the border of the reliable HP threshold. 50+ hits a lot more units and you can forget about triggering PP against abyssal or even most infernal PvE maps enemies with inflated stats. You would miss a lot of merged armor units which is what most of the arena "meta" continues to consist of and probably your intended ploy target.

A blessing or bonus ally boost would help, but I think in general you would be better off running it as a seal if you think it is going to help.


Attack smoke is never a bad idea and QR SS might do wonders because it seems like only he and Swordhardt can Quadra during enemy phase because of their permanent brave effects