Unit suggestion: Gharnef, the Dark Pontifex

'Sup, guys. I'm back with two reqeusts that were made back on my Walhart idea remaining. Previously we had Hardin, at the request of user "Yuelia." This time, we have Gharnef. Also at Yuelia's request. Next, tomorrow hopefully, will be Astram.

Gharnef - Dark Pontifex

HP: 38
ATK: 31
SPD: 32
DEF: 27
RES: 35

BST: 162

[WEAPON]: Imhullu (Red Tome, unique)
Might: 14. Every fifth turn, negate damage sustained in battle.
[ACTIVE]: Vengeance
Grants bonus to damage dealt equal to 50% of damage suffered.
[B]: Lifetaker
When this unit defeats an enemy in battle, restores 15 HP
[C]: Threaten SPD
Inflicts Spd-5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn.

Oof, Gharnef's Imhullu made this exceptionally touchy for me. It's his exclusive weapon, so I couldn't NOT have him use it, but the invincinibility is incredibly overkill, so I definitely couldn't have it as-is. That said, I decided to limit it the way I did Hardin's Darkstone. See below for more.
Overall, I tried to keep Gharnef's stat spread similar to his spread in New Mystery of the Emblem while giving him a comeback-cannon style of dealing more damage as he gets weaker while being able to conditionally maintain his own survivability.

Ability Reasoning:
Gharnef's signature spell. Canonically, beatable only by the Starlight spell. In Heroes...too broken not to nerf. In the Archanea games, Imhullu renders the wielder immune to all damage unless they have the spell Starlight to counter it. Instead, I nerfed the invulnerability to every five turns, as I did with Sable on Hardin, and removed the negation of outside damage (such as Pain, Poison Strike, amd Savage Blow). It only activates every five turns, so with his SPD being middling and his DEF, while somewhat bulky for a mage, is still fairly low - so I believe that five turns is more than enough for a nuker to put him down hard.

I needed ideas, since the old Archanea games are much more simplistic, there wasn't a whole lot for me to build on that he had in his original games. Fortunately, Gharnef appears as an Einherjar in Awakening. Hello, inspiration. Vengeance is an active ability that Gharnef's Einherjar is capable of using.

Another ability courtesy of Einherjar Gharnef.
A self-renewal ability contingent upon the unit securing a kill. I initially thought that Lifetaker would make a good Active ability, but that would basically be Sol. So I instead set Lifetaker as a passive ability that triggers on a kill, like it does in the main games. I originally planned to have it restore 10 HP, but ultimately decided to ramp it up a bit given the activation condition. Amped it up to 20, decided 15 was better.

Threaten SPD
Again, I didn't have many ideas for Gharnef, so...
Gharnef's creepy as fuck. I wouldn't want to get near him, either.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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