Unit suggestion: Shinon, Deadly Adept

'Sup. I'm back again with another unit idea. Honestly, this is the unit that I'm most unsure about as I never played the games he appears in, but I was asked by user "riccochet" to draft one, so I'm giving it a try.

Shinon - Deadly Adept

HP: 34
ATK: 31
SPD: 35
DEF: 28
RES: 19

BST: 147

[WEAPON]: Silencer (unique, non-inheritable)
Might: 14. Enables unit to counterattack regardless of distance to attacker.
[SUPPORT]: Shove
Push adjacent ally 1 space farther away.
[ACTIVE]: Deadeye (inheritable)
After combat, foe inflicted with status preventing them from moving through its next action.
[A] Attack +3
Grants ATK+3.

This one was, and still is, a challenge. His Weapon and Support abilities were easy, they're abilities he has in his original game, but choosing his passives were a lot harder, since none of the other abilities I see he gets translate directly into Heroes. Between Crit+, Deadeye, Provoke, and shove:
Shove is already added and Crit doesn't apply in Heroes. So I had to take a bit of liberty with them.

Ability Reasoning:
Like I've done with most every Hero I've drafted, and as I stated before, I kept Shinon with a canonical weapon of his. Unlike the others, where I went by their official artwork, Shinon actually has the Silencer. As it's a named weapon, it's exclusive to Shinon. I gave this weapon Close Counter as a reference to the Double Bow he also wields; but seeing as how that bow becomes a generic item in later games, I couldn't make it exclusive to him, and an inheritable Bow with Close Counter would be too broken. So I gave him a named bow associated with him and gave THAT CC as a reference.

He has this ability in the Radiance games and, needing four abilities to match every other Hero, I decided to use it because it translates directly from the original game.

This was a tricky one. As it's a skill borne by Marksmen in the Radiance games, I felt that I had to somehow work this into his base kit. Of course, I couldn't exactly translate the sleep status that it inflicts, so I instead opted to combine Candlelight and Gravity into an active ability that doesn't simply modify the damage dealt in combat, but instead inflicts a status effect (in this case, preventing an enemy from moving). As Deadeye deala no damage in itself, this is obviously more of a support-oriented ability that will help a unit get an injured ally away or to hold someone in place while a unit who can kill them moves in for the kill.
Far as I know, it's a first for non-healers.

ATK +3
Crit+10 is an ability that Shinon learns as a Sniper during the course of Radiance. Since Crit does not translate into Heroea, which has no Crit system, all Crit-modding effects (such as Death Blow) have been modded into ATK-modding effects.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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Cool, but do you really want to add to the colorless hell? Let's make him a GHB, he's enough of an a$$hole.