Unit suggestion: Walhart, the Conqueror

'Sup. I'm back again with another unit idea, this time at the request of user "Chronos" on my Velouria suggestion.

Walhart - The Conqueror

HP: 45
ATK: 39
SPD: 20
DEF: 30
RES: 21

BST: 155

[WEAPON]: Wolfberg (Axe, Unique)
Might: 16. Enables counterattack regardless of distance if this unit is attacked.
Heal 50% of damage dealt
[A] Grani's Shield
Neutralizes "effective against" bonuses.
[C] Threaten ATK
Inflicts Atk-5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions at the start of each turn.

I already know that I'm gonna get flak for drafting a Green Distant-Counter-Legendary Cavalier, as if Xander and Camus weren't enough, but it was requested and so shall I oblige. The Conqueror, Walhart, is a powerful axe-wielding Cavalierthat rallied the continent of Valm against the rising threat of the Grimleal. True to his overwhelming nature, Walhart boasts an impressive attack and commendable defenses. However, to balance him out, I had to severely cut his speed, despite the fact that his Conqueror class is actually fairly quick in Awakening,

Ability Reasoning:
Walhart's signature weapon, a powerful throwing axe. As his signature weapon, of course I'd have him wield it.

The first time you fight Walhart, he wields a powerful sword named Sol, which grants him the ability of the same name. Because of this, I granted him the active ability version of it.

Grani's Shield
Walhart has a unique skill called "Conqueror" that does the same thing as Grani's shield. Thus, Grani's is present on him. It'd be redundant to give him a skill with the same effect, but a different name.

Threaten ATK
Walhart has the reputation of being seemingly invincinle, even the muscleheaded Feroxi Khan Basilio couldn't scratch him. True to his lore, Walhart's intimidating presence softens the blows of those who would oppose him.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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Asked by TheEternalShade3 years 8 months ago


by Yuelia 3 years 8 months ago

Walhart is a character I believe we somewhat need what with the lack of physical green cavaliers and this would definitely be cool moveset.
Might I suggest Hardin or Gharnef for the next one? I feel the Mystery series gets too little love.


Finally, a fitting rival for Walmarth appears!


I want to see Astram and his Mercurius as Parthia and Gradivus have appeared to the game already as Legendary Regalia.


by Daily 3 years 6 months ago

I think if you took an approach that focused more on his character, you could make something really cool. Allow me to give an example.

Wolfberg: If unit defeats an enemy, all ally units receive +2 to all stats through their next action.
Rally Move: +1 Movement.
Peerless Morale (Unique C Skill) All buffs this unit grants are doubled in value and duration. Cannot receive buffs.

Had to make Peerless Morale a C Skill not only because it functions like one, but because if it were a B Skill, Hone Cavalry would be stupid on him.