Quad Brave Synergistic Build Guide

Quad Brave Synergeistic Build Guide

This is part of the "Synergistic Build Guide" series, where we discuss synergistic builds that are applicable to many different characters.

Brave Weapons are weapons that allow units to attack twice in succession when initiating combat. Here is list of the brave weapons:

In this guide, I will be focusing on the optimal build for fast melee attackers with Brave weapons. The optimal build for bow users is in another build guide.

The main idea is: quad-attack as many characters as possible. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Other Skill Choices

Passive Skill A

Skill A

Any passive that increases your attack and speed will be valuable, as you want to deal as much damage as possible. This pretty much locks into 3 options; Fury, Life and Death and Swift Sparrow.

The most obvious choice would be Life and Death, however that is not always the case. The defense penalty from this passive makes certain characters die in a single hit. Not being able to survive one hit is extremely dangerous(especially for melee attackers, which frequently get counter-attacked). This could be somewhat mitigated by using sacred seals and specials (more on that below), however it remains a point of consideration.

Fury is on the opposite end of the spectrum. It does not give as many offensive stats compared to Life and Death, however it does provide additional bulkiness, which means actually being able to take a few hits. This could be desirable for characters that struggle to live a hit. Furthermore, it is the most readily available skill of the three, so that's something worth thinking about as well.

Swift Sparrow is in the middle, providing middling offensive stats and no defensive bonus or negatives. The two biggest issues are the availability of the skill(currently only available at 5-stars), and the skill only activating on initiation.This is big for some of the brave users, as they might get doubled by faster targets due to the Brave Weapon's penalty.

For cheaper alternatives, a flat attack or speed boost in the A slot could be useful. However for the most competitive builds, these 3 are the way to go.



There are a lot of specials that could be viable for this quad-attack based build. At the end of the day, it is up to the player's preferences to determine what skill to be used on a brave user.

Defensive specials, such as Escutcheon, are actually worth considering to improve the survivability of your brave user. You want to be able to take a hit as a melee character, and this skill will activate immediately after you hit twice with your brave weapon. So if you are on a Life and Death build, this skill is actually worth a lot of consideration, as 30% of damage could mean life or death (ZING!).

The next is obvious; offensive specials. You want to do more and more damage. The most consistent ones are those with 3 turn charges, such as Draconic Aura or Luna. The additional damage means you could sometimes kill squishy targets if you have the weapon triangle advantage, which could be valuable in certain quests or arena.

Due to the nature of such builds, skills with high cooldowns could synergize extremely well with this build. Both Aether and Galeforce can activate at least once in a quest. This could be extremely valuable, as high cooldown specials are usually very powerful (which is why they are high cooldowns after all!).

Passive Skill B

Skill B

This slot is largely dependent on the type of build you are going for.

An extremely squishy glass cannon would like to have Desperation, as it allows the character to be continuously quad-attacking enemies without taking extra damage. However, some squishy characters will have trouble going into the HP range where this skill is active, so it would be ideal if the character has other means of activating the skill (more on that below).

For bulkier characters, breakers seem to make the most sense, as it allows quad attacks to happen more consistently. Ideally, breakers should be of the same color as you for coverage purposes(i.e.If you have a Camilla, consider giving her Green Tomebreaker).

A potential cheesy build would use Brash Assault, which can guarantee your quad attacks. However, this means that you need to not only be a bulky and fast brave user(which are pretty damn rare), but also have a means of recovering HP to potentially survive the next hit.

Passive Skill C

Skill C

Fairly straightforward, for quad-attackers with lower ATK stat, go with Threaten Def for more bonus damage. Otherwise, go for Threaten Spd for more consistent quad-attacks.

One could always run a buff as the passive, which is fine, assuming your brave user is not the only attacker. However, if your brave user is the bulk of your offensive power, threaten skills will be better most of the time.

Special mentions go to Def Ploy 3 if your brave user has a high RES stat. Be sure to think about the directional restrictions, as they could be rather finicky to work with.



This is dependent on your build. Desperation-based builds will consider Ardent Sacrifice if the character has low HP requirements to activate the passive. Otherwise, Reciprocal Aid would be the skill of choice. Breaker-based units (and Brash Assault units might as well) should consider going for Reciprocal Aid to meet their passive's HP requirements as well. If not, going for offensive positioning skills is always an option.

Sacred Seal

Depends on what you want to do. Use this to either increase firepower (ATK/SPD) or survival (HP), anything goes. If your special is a pretty high cooldown, consider Quickened Pulse.

Character Choices

Character Choices

This build is relatively straightforward in terms of character choices. As long as the character has a good offensive spread of stats (which involves ATK and SPD), they are worth considering. However each character does have their nuances and traits, which meant that builds might deviate slightly from character to character. So go out and explore your options!

The following characters are some of the characters that could be considered for this build. Do note that this list is not meant to be exhaustive.