If unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def+5 during combat.

Inheritable Restrictions?

All Units

  • Inheritable by all units.
How to Get

Tempest Trials Reward

Sacred Seal Forge

Great Badges Badges Sacred Coins
400 1000 100

Skillsets that use skill

Dorcas's Benchpress Partner (Physical Tank)

Wedding’s Holy Guard (Defensive)

Dapper Deliverance Chap (Enemy Phase)

Flying Fortress (Enemy Phase)

New Year, New Fire (Defensive Duelist)

I'm Not Dead Yet

Snowfall upon Renais (Sustained Tank)

Savage Songstress (Offensive)

Australian Summer (Defensive)

Bloody Stream (Enemy Phase Bruiser)

Multilayer Firewall (Enemy Phase Bruiser)

Stout Beefcake (Enemy Phase Bruiser)

Sole Savior of Renais (Defensive Tank)

A Virtuous Heart (Defensive Tank)

The Priory's Communal Strength (Bond Build)

The Great Wall of Valentia (Enemy Phase)

Three Steps Ahead (Anti-Cavalry + Budget)