Should You Pull - Azura: Vallite Songstress Edition

About Legendary Hero Banners

Percentile Red Blue Green Colorless
0% 5 5 5 5
5% 17 15 14 14
10% 28 27 24 28
15% 41 39 34 40
20% 54 52 44 52
25% 67 66 57 64
30% 82 80 68 77
35% 97 95 82 91
40% 114 110 97 106
45% 132 126 112 123
50% 151 145 128 142
55% 173 165 146 162
60% 195 188 164 184
65% 221 215 185 209
70% 253 245 209 238
75% 289 279 237 272
80% 332 322 277 312
85% 384 376 322 366
90% 460 448 386 438
95% 606 586 500 571
100% 1891 1799 1744 1594
  • Rates start at 8%
  • You can only pull the advertised 5 star units, aka no “pity breakers”
  • Your odds of getting specific units on a Legendary Banner are lower than if they were in their own banner
  • Legendary Banners are typically poor choices for color sniping, particularly for merges, unless you’re interested in the Legendary unit or 2/3 of the units in that particular color

Azura: Vallite Songstress

High Attack and Speed

Azura’s Attack and Speed are both relatively high for her niche of a tome dancer, at 30 and 35 respectively.  With this, she can be utilized offensively if desired, though still pales in comparison to more combat-oriented blue mages, like Delthea and Ishtar.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Occupying the same weapon type, general stat spread, movement type, and unit type as Bridal Ninian, Legendary Azura eclipses her competition when it comes to Attack and Speed, trading only a few points of her defensive stats in return. In addition, she completely outstrips Ninian when it comes to team utility.

Stats Comparison

Compared with the free Young Azura

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-3 -3 +6 +0 -1

Compared with the 4 star Sylvia

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-7 +3 -1 +0 -6

Compared with the 5 star New Year Azura

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-4 +0 +0 -5 -2

Compared with the 5 star Bridal Ninian

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-1 +2 +2 -1 -3

Movement Buffs

Azura’s prf skill, Gray Waves, allows her to grant a flying or infantry ally an additional space of movement in the battlefield while refreshing their turn.

  • This is the only buff of its kind and obscenely powerful on both offense and defense, especially considering the small size of many of the playable maps.
  • Gray Waves will radically change how team compositions can be played and is unparalleled in the flexibility that it can give certain infantry or flying compositions.

A Blade tome’s Best Friend

With Azura’s prf tome, the Prayer Wheel, she can buff any ally a full range of +6 to all stat with only her Assist and C slot, effectively making her the best visible buffer in the game.

  • Prayer Wheel synergizes with a great many C slot skills depending on your team composition: from her own Atk Tactic, to Fortify Fliers, to Atk Opening.
  • To push things further, an ally can use Hone Atk 4 on a unit who Azura then Sings to and grants +28, an increase over the previous cap of +24 to Blade tome damage.

She Shoots, She Scores

  • It’s no surprise that Legendary Azura is now the highest scoring dancer in the game by virtue of being a Legendary Hero.
  • This is further augmented by the fact that her Assist is her Legendary Skill, allowing her to deck out the rest of her kit in high SP skills for further score searching.
  • Of course, she also comes with B Duel Flying, which pushes her score even higher and allows her to be used even in Tier 21 of the Arena.

Infantry Synergy

  • She may be a flier, but Azura is naturally kitted out to assist mixed teams and infantry units.
  • Her default B slot is Aerobatics, which increases her mobility tremendously when she’s played on a non-flier team. On an all-flier team, this would be naturally replaced with Flier Formation. Then again, she can always equip the Flier Formation seal…
  • Atk Tactic is her default C slot, which works with her Prayer Wheel to grant a spectrum buff of +6 to her Sing target- but only if she is on a mixed team. Like her B slot, this can be swapped out for a flier buff like Fortify Fliers for a similar effect.

Should You Pull?

Here are some reasons to try your luck on blue orbs:

  • You like Legendary Azura, Fjorm, or Summer Camilla, as you could get any of the three
  • You want the hands-down best Singer/Dancer in the game
  • You want to make a Defense team that will torment other players
  • You can only pull for Legendary Azura once every few months, she will have no other banners

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from blue orbs:

  • You dislike using fliers.
  • You already have Bridal Ninian and want to use your dancer as a Blade tome in a pinch (replacing Azura’s prf tome would hurt her effectiveness).
  • You are saving your orbs for future banners, such as the New Year, Tibarn, or the promised Binding Blade banners.

Other Blues

This banner has two legendary heroes both occupying the blue slot: Fjorm and Azura. Fjorm is a unit with built-in Distant Counter and reasonably decent stats, making her always a boon to have in your barracks. In addition, Fjorm comes with Atk/Def Bond, a very useful A slot skill for Enemy Phase oriented units.

Summer Camilla is a powerful blue tome flier with a wonderful offensive stat spread, making her a fantastic addition to any flier team, particularly when utilizing her with her Blade tome or her native Desperation tome, Juicy Wave. In addition, she comes with Hone Fliers and Flier Formation, offering her fantastic synergy with flier teams.

Green Units

Legendary Hector has been a Tier 1 unit since the moment of his inception- his legendary axe, Thunder Armads, allows him excellent control of combat by eliminating his opponent’s followup attacks, while his unique C slot, Ostia’s Pulse, can reduce the Special cooldown of all of his allies by 1. His power is unparalleled, as he is tied for the highest Attack stat in the game, as well as exceptionally high Defense and a great HP stat for added bulk.

Nino remains one of the better mages in the game, with very high Speed and good Attack and a tome that offers her flat damage based on how much higher her a Speed is than her opponent's. Her offensive statline is thusfar unparalleled in a flier mage and she comes with Acrobatics and Swift Sparrow, both excellent skills.

Helbindi is a stellar tank and Enemy Phase unit with built-in buffs for his allies and himself on odd numbered turns. While there are plenty of competitors for infantry Enemy Phase Green units, Helbindi is thus far the best with the highest combined defensive stats and impressive Attack to boot. Plus, he comes with G Duel Infantry, a skill which offers summoners the chance to score higher in the Arena.

Red Units

The original hero, Marth is your go-to man for dragon killing and buffing. Between his stellar self-buffs and his post-combat ally buffs, he’s a perfected Falchion user and lord. Marth also comes with the attractive Infantry Flash, a skill which grants a Flashing Blade effect to his infantry allies within 2 spaces.

Young Summer Tiki is an exceptionally solid choice for the red unit in a summoner’s flier emblem team as she’s thusfar the only flier with access to an Enemy Phase cooldown skill in her Summer’s Breath. In addition, her Atk/Def Bond is still a rare and valuable skill, while her Dragon Valor can help when SP training dragons.

While she seemed very powerful at first glance, Flora’s kit requires specific sets of circumstances and due to her min-maxed stat spread, it’s difficult to utilize her when those conditions are not met. Still, she’s a fantastic choice when it comes to taking down green units and will not balk at DC or dragons, making her a solid dagger addition to a team.

Colorless Units

After barely finishing up her introduction banner, Eir graces us on this Legendary Banner as the unit to finally break Legendary Robin’s grasp on these types of banners. Eir is a fantastic unit who can both support and damage, with mapwide buffs and healing to all teammates per turn- still, her frail defenses can leave her vulnerable to counterattacks when initiating.

As the only cavalry unit to touch Tier 1 on our Tier List, Brave Veronica is possibly one of the best non-dancer support units in the game, with powerful buffing, healing, and damage that cannot be retaliated against, all on a 5 tile movement. While she’s often hailed as a great boon for F2P users, her availability has been somewhat scarce since her release.

Summer Takumi is a 35/35 flying archer, making him a more mobile version of Bridal Cordelia. In addition to a bow with built-in Desperation, he can also equip a Firesweep Bow to make him more formidable, particularly on flier teams who can freely give him offensive buffs.

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