Should You Pull: Hero Fest 4 Edition

Article by raelet

About Hero Fest Banners

  • Rates start at 5%
  • Hero Fest banners are generally comprised of some of the most powerful units released thus far
  • Your odds of getting specific units on a Hero Fest banner are higher than if they were in their own 3 unit banner
  • The only banner with better rates than a Hero Fest banner are 2 unit banners

The Odds

Comparison between various banners
Percentile Red Blue Green Colorless
0% 5 5 5 5
5% 13 10 10 10
10% 18 18 14 18
15% 25 23 20 23
20% 32 31 27 30
25% 40 38 33 37
30% 47 46 39 45
35% 56 54 46 39
40% 64 620 52 61
45% 74 71 60 70
50% 85 81 68 80
55% 96 92 77 91
60% 108 104 89 101
65% 122 117 100 114
70% 138 133 113 128
75% 158 151 129 144
80% 182 173 146 165
85% 211 200 171 191
90% 254 239 205 230
95% 324 303 263 296
100% 970 968 849 853

Eir: Merciful Death

High Speed

Eir’s Speed is quite high at 37. While she’s not the fastest flier- or even the fastest ranged flier- she’s still extremely speedy and should expect to double her foes with the right setup.

Ranged Fliers Still a Rarity

Eir is only the second ‘free’ ranged flier available to players, making her a great boon for free to play Summoners. Even if you have other ranged fliers, Eir is one of only two dagger fliers released thus far and so she holds a unique utility which lets her fit well into many teams.

Stats Comparison

Compared with the free Kaze

Hp Atk Spd Def Res
+1 +2 +1 -3 -3

Compared with the 4 star Legault

Hp Atk Spd Def Res
-4 +1 -1 -10 +12

Compared with the Spring Kagero

Hp Atk Spd Def Res
-1 -3 +3 -4 +4

Follow-Up Denial

Merely a few weeks after its debut, a variant of the skill Null Follow-Up finds its way onto a weapon in Eir’s Lyfjaberg dagger.

  • This is not to be confused with a Firesweep effect: this dagger does allow her foes to counterattack, but negates their Follow-Up, whether it’s skill-granted or simply as a result of higher Speed.
  • This makes her far bulkier than she may seem at first, as she nullfies her opponent’s second retaliation and only takes half of the damage that another unit might take when attacking into a foe with Quick Riposte or Daggerbreaker.
  • Note that this is like any other skill which grants or denies a follow-up: it only applies itself over one instance. If her opponent has Vengeful Fighter and has 5 higher Speed (a unit like Halloween Niles or Amelia with Quick Riposte may apply), then they will still counterattack twice.

Double Edged- um, Dagger

  • Lyfjaberg offers Eir a in-combat buff of +4/+4 ATK/SPD if she is over 50% HP- essentially, a free Goad Fliers.
  • However, this dagger also damages her for 4 HP after each fight if she has buffs during combat, including the buffs that Lyfjaberg offers her.

An End To Dragon Rampages

  • Mystic Boost, Eir’s inheritable B slot skill, negates the adaptive damage of manaketes, allowing her to attack into them and guard with her high Resistance stat (34 after her dagger’s boost).
  • In addition, it also negates her opponent’s Wrathful Staff effects, making her far less susceptible to enemy healer compositions.
  • Finally, this skill heals her for up to 6 damage after combat, negating the potential damage inflicted by her Lyfjaberg dagger

A New Support

  • With Sparkling Boost, Eir can passively heal an ally for 10 HP.
  • This heal automatically applies on allies who have taken the most damage in the previous turn, making it a generally vital heal on a low HP unit.
  • However, this will not behave synergistically with units who rely on skills like Desperation, Vantage, or other low HP skills.

Should You Pull?

Here are some reasons to try your luck on colorless orbs:

  • You want merges or ideal IVs, as we already get a free copy
  • You want to inherit Mystic Boost to another unit
  • You want a strong ranged unit against dragons
  • You want a Mythical Hero for your Aether Raid runs
  • Eir will be on Legendary Banners from now on and will not enter the normal summoning pool

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from colorless orbs:

  • Eir is still exceptionally frail defensively and will have difficulty initiating on any unit with Distant Counter
  • Eir’s B slot is divisive: she must give up her option to run Desperation, Renewal, or other B slot skills if she wants to keep Mystic Boost, which only offers her utility if you intend to use her against dragons or to bait healers while healing up to avoid the self damage from her dagger

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