Should You Pull - Roy: Blazing Lion Edition

About Legendary Hero Banners

Percentile Red Blue Green Colorless
0% 5 5 5 5
5% 17 15 14 14
10% 28 27 24 28
15% 41 39 34 40
20% 54 52 44 52
25% 67 66 57 64
30% 82 80 68 77
35% 97 95 82 91
40% 114 110 97 106
45% 132 126 112 123
50% 151 145 128 142
55% 173 165 146 162
60% 195 188 164 184
65% 221 215 185 209
70% 253 245 209 238
75% 289 279 237 272
80% 332 322 277 312
85% 384 376 322 366
90% 460 448 386 438
95% 606 586 500 571
100% 1891 1799 1744 1594
  • Rates start at 8%
  • You can only pull the advertised 5-star units, aka no “pity breakers”
  • Your odds of getting specific units on a Legendary Banner are lower than if they were in their own banner
  • Legendary Banners are typically poor choices for color sniping, particularly for merges, unless you’re interested in the Legendary unit or 2/3 of the units in that particular color

Roy: Blazing Lion

Versatile Balance

Legendary Roy comes with a balanced mix of Attack, Speed, and Defense, all of which being great. He possesses a similar stat spread to that found on units such as Ayra, Legendary Marth, and Owain, all of which he trumps in terms of raw stats thanks to his 169 BST.

No Major Flaws

Legendary Roy is somewhat lacking in the HP and Resistance department, but even then, these stats are not bad. While he is in the lower end of total HP for sword users, his Resistance is still in the higher end. With everything considered, Legendary Roy really has no stat that could be called flat-out bad.

Stats Comparison

Compared with the five star Owain

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-2 +2 +1 +1 +4

Compared with the five star Ayra

HP Atk Spd Def Res
+2 +1 +1 +1 +5

Compared with the five star Legendary Marth

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-1 +0 +2 +0 +5

This Sword is on Fire!

Dragonbind is Legendary Roy’s personal weapon. This sword comes with Distant Counter and effective damage against dragons.

  • While these two effects are simple in nature and far from anything new or unique, their power is undeniable. Natural Distant Counter means Legendary Roy’s A slot is free for something else while dragons are some of the most powerful foes you’ll fight.

  • This overall grants Legendary Roy with a lot of build versatility. He can run offensive sets, defensive sets, or anywhere in between. This is further supported by his highly versatile statline.

  • Something interesting worth noting is that Dragonbind is the first non-breath weapon to get Distant Counter with another effect (Refined Golden Dagger is conditional DC). This means that refined DC weapons are a possibility, though knowing when such a thing would come is impossible.

Humanity and Dragonkind Apart

Legendary Roy also comes with his own C slot skill, Human Virtue. When Legendary Roy is adjacent to any allies which are not beasts or dragons, he will grant himself and those allies with +6 Atk/Spd.

  • It’s important to note that while the skill itself cannot be activated by adjacent beasts or dragons, they do not block out its effect. If Legendary Roy has both an adjacent dragon and adjacent human, Roy and the human will both enjoy the benefits of Human Virtue.

  • Human Virtue is not only fantastic for buffing himself, but also allows Legendary Roy to serve as an excellent supporting unit for anyone that can allow him to trigger it.

Red-haired Marth

  • Legendary Roy also brings a new inheritable A slot skill, Bonus Doubler. This skill grants extra bonuses to the user’s stats equivalent to the bonus already present on that stat which each stat calculated independently. This is the same effect focus on Exalted Falchion.

  • In a sense, this skill effectively doubles the bonuses gained from field buffs such as Waves and Tactics. This synergises perfectly with Human Virtue and means Legendary Roy will gain a whopping +12 Attack and Speed when using both Human Virtue and Bonus Doubler.

  • You’ll be hard pressed to find many units which wouldn’t benefit from Bonus Doubler. As long as field buffs can be consistently supplied to the user, they’ll make great use of this skill. Just note that only infantry units can inherit this skill.

Just Call Me Lightning Bolt!

  • Legendary Roy comes with an all-new type of blessing. During Fire season, his blessing grants +3 HP to anyone on his team carrying a Fire blessing. Also, when used in Arena, the game will calculate Arena scoring potential as if Legendary Roy is at 175 BST.

  • When this blessing is active, Legendary Roy becomes one of the highest scoring units in the game. This places him in the second highest BST bin (Behind the 180 bin that is occupiable by Legendary Tiki, Halloween Myrrh, and Surtr).

  • Note that the Arena scoring effect only applies to Legendary Roy himself. In terms of what he gives to his allies, Legendary Roy has the weakest Legendary boost yet.

Should You Pull?

Here are some reasons to try your luck on red orbs:

  • You like Legendary Roy, Hríd, and Hoshidan Summer Micaiah, as you could get any of the three

  • You want the highest BST infantry released yet with one of the highest Arena scoring potential of any infantry thanks to his blessing.

  • You want to inherit Bonus Doubler to your favorite infantry unit.

  • You want a hero that can offer both great combat potential and great support potential.

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from red orbs:

  • Sword infantry is a plentiful category and you don’t need yet another one.

  • You want to avoid the potential pain that comes with attempting to snipe a single unit on a Legendary hero banner.

  • Legendary Roy himself comes back in just two months time alongside Legendary Marth and Legendary Ike and you would rather have them as alternative focuses to Hríd and Hoshidan Summer Micaiah.

  • You are saving your orbs for future banners, such as the upcoming Binding Blade banner (Though if you were saving for that banner, you probably want Legendary Roy too).

Other Red Units

Roy is not the only legendary hanging around in the red orbs this banner, as Prince Hríd of Nifl is also here. With amazing Attack and Defense, a fantastic personal weapon that helps majorly with his combat potential and poor Speed, innate Distant Counter, and a personal B slot skill that makes activating his weapon easier, Hríd is a fantastic pickup for anyone looking for a strong sword cavalier. Even if you aren’t, he’s still fantastic fodder thanks to carrying Distant Counter.

A more in-depth analysis of Hríd can be found in the Should You Pull article for his original Legendary banner, located here.

If you are looking for a powerful refresher to use in Aether Raids that isn’t Legendary Azura, then Hoshidan Summer Micaiah is a great choice. Her personal weapon, Dawn Suzu, grants her with effective damage against both armored and cavalry foes, making her extremely useful for dealing with tougher foes on AR defense such as Surtr. Even when not considering her weapon, simply being a refresher makes her a powerful support unit no matter the team.

Blue Units

Legendary Ephraim is one of the most divisive units in Fire Emblem Heroes history. He has the potential to be incredibly strong, but this is not always the case in practice. This stems from his personal weapon, Flame Siegmund, which grants him a guaranteed follow-up whenever he has more enemies than allies nearby. Combined with his high Attack, Legendary Ephraim can deal extremely high amounts of damage. However, that requirement to be ideally away from his team makes it much harder for him to enjoy buffs and can leave him vulnerable. Still, his raw power potential cannot be ignored. Play to his strengths and Legendary Ephraim can be a formidable force.

Halloween Niles is a blue bow armored unit. He possessed amazing Attack and Speed, making him fantastic when used with weapons such as Brave Bow to deal amazing amounts of damage. Being armored, he also enjoys higher BST than most other archers while also having access to powerful skills such as Special Fighter. He is held back by the lower natural movement of armored units, but this issue can be circumvented through the use of Armored Boots or Armor March. He also comes with great fodder such as Atk/Spd Link and the not-so-rare Swift Sparrow.

A more in-depth analysis of Halloween Niles can be found in the Should You Pull article for the Land’s Bounty banner, located here.

Adrift Corrin (M) is a blue dragon infantry and one of the strongest blue dragons currently available. He not only comes with excellent Attack and Speed, but also comes with Draconic Rage, a strong personal weapon that gives him accelerated Special cooldown and a large offensive boost whenever he has more allies than enemies nearby. He also carries Null Follow-Up, an infantry exclusive B slot skill that disables skills such as Bold Fighter, Wary Fighter, and Quick Riposte on the enemy. If you want this skill, Adrift Corrin (M) is presently the only unit who comes with it naturally.

A more in-depth analysis of Adrift Corrin M can be found in the Should You Pull article for the Adrift banner, located here.

Green Units

The eldest Princess of Nilf and the second Legendary hero ever, Gunnthrá is a powerful green tome cavalry unit. Blizzard, her exclusive tome, grants her with a damage boost equivalent to the total amount of debuffs on the foe. This synergises well with her personal B slot and Res Ploy which she carries naturally. She can serve as both a powerful offensive unit and debuffer at the same time, making her a overall solid choice.

The man that absolutely everyone hates with literally zero exception, Surtr’s reputation as one of the most annoying characters to fight is undeniable. His absolutely min maxed statline combined with Sinmara and Surtr’s Menace makes him incredibly strong and very hazardous to even attempt to engage without being absolutely certain of safety. He is also fantastic fodder, coming with Steady Stance 4.

Adrift Corrin (F) is a green dragon infantry and, much like her male counterpart, is one of the strongest in her class. She also comes with Draconic Rage, accelerating her Special cooldown and boosting offensive stats then she has more nearby allies than foes. She also comes with very strong base Speed and respectable Attack and Defense. In terms of skills to fodder, she has Rally Atk/Spd+ and Atk/Spd Bond.

A more in-depth analysis of Adrift Corrin F can be found in the Should You Pull article for the Adrift banner, located here.

Colorless Units

By far the most common Legendary unit in the game in terms of banner appearances, Legendary Robin is a colorless flying dragon. She has a very respectable statline with high Speed, good Attack and HP, and acceptable Defense. She also has Expiration as her personal weapon which grants her Distant Counter and her own personal A slot, Dragonskin, with grants her with immunity to flier effective weapons and extra defensive stats when attacked. She is also currently the only unit with Res Smoke.

Hoshidan Summer Xander is a dagger infantry refresher with a focus on physical defensive capabilities. While his Attack and Defense are both great, his Speed and Resistance are both pitiful and he will be defeated very quickly by almost any mage. His default weapon, Dusk Uchiwa, does allow him to negate skills like Vantage and Desperation while also granting him effective damage against cavalry. One undeniable fact about Hoshidan Summer Xander is his amazing use as fodder, carrying Close Counter, Quick Riposte, and Odd Def Wave. He also has the objective best dance animation in the game.

Mikoto is a infantry staff unit and one of the best available, being roughly on par with Loki with a few noteworthy drawbacks. She comes with solid base Attack and passable Speed, though she may struggle to perform follow-ups without support. She comes with Flash, a powerful weapon that applies a debuff that prevents enemy counterattacks. She also carries Infantry Rush, a rare C slot that allows nearby Infantry to utilize Heavy Blade.

A more in-depth analysis of Mikoto can be found in the Should You Pull article for the Adrift banner, located here.

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