Should You Pull - Tiki: Legendary Dragon Edition

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Should You Pull - Tiki: Legendary Dragon Edition


Good evening and welcome to “Should You Pull?”, a series that analyzes new banners to give summoners an idea of the contents of these banners, how new units and skills relate to gameplay and meta, percentage odds of getting each individual unit, and of course, an idea of whether or not you should use your hard-earned orbs on them.

With this series, we hope to accurately represent the pros and cons of each new banner, as well as offering our own opinions on how worthwhile the banner may be. Everyone has different priorities and different affinities for certain characters or installments of the Fire Emblem franchise however, so our word is not law- we simply aim to give our readers a complete picture of what each part of a new banner entails. With that in mind, let's get started!

The Odds

Percentile Red Green Blue Colorless
0% 5 5 5 5
5% 17 14 17 15
10% 28 24 28 28
15% 40 35 39 38
20% 52 46 52 51
25% 65 57 65 63
30% 80 69 78 76
35% 95 81 92 90
40% 112 94 107 106
45% 130 109 124 123
50% 148 126 142 141
55% 168 143 161 161
60% 190 164 184 185
65% 216 187 208 209
70% 247 213 237 235
75% 284 244 272 270
80% 330 279 313 311
85% 388 325 369 363
90% 463 392 451 438
95% 594 508 593 556
100% 2247 1504 1802 1798

This is a legendary banner, meaning that the odds start at 8% and the only 5 star units you will pull are the ones advertised on the banner. All colors are represented, however, all colors have 3 separate 5 star units you could get.

The above numbers are the calculated costs of getting a specific focus unit. For getting any unit from that color the odds are much, much lower (roughly 1/3rd of the cost).

Tiki: Legendary Dragon

As a blue armored unit (for some reason), legendary Tiki enters the game as Tiki’s fifth iteration, while simultaneously breaking the game with her 180 BST. Tiki has exceptional Defense, with above-average Attack, Speed, and Resistance, as well as a healthy HP stat- as a matter of fact, it's hard to tell what she's actually not good at.

Compared with the 3 star Female Corrin

Hp Atk Spd Def Res
+4 +7 +1 +3 +9

Compared with the 3 star Nowi

Hp Atk Spd Def Res
+0 +0 +8 +7 +2

Compared with the 5 star Fallen Robin M

Hp Atk Spd Def Res
-3 -6 +11 +2 +2

Compared with the 5 star Legendary Hector

Hp Atk Spd Def Res
-2 -6 +12 -1 +3

Skillwise, Legendary Tiki comes equipped with a Divine Mist breath weapon which acts as Expiration on Fallen Robin or Legendary Robin, but with an additional effectiveness against dragons.  Additionally, she sports Fierce Breath, which is the Attack variant of the extremely-popular Steady Breath. Fierce Breath grants +4 to Tiki’s Attack when an enemy attacks her and reduces her Special cooldown by an additional 1 for each attack exchanged between them.

Of course, Tiki comes with the Bold Fighter skill, which allows her to attack twice during Player Phase, with an additional reduction of her Special cooldown for every one of her attacks.  Finally, Legendary Tiki’s unique skill is With Everyone!, a C slot skill which increases her and all of her adjacent allies’ Def/Res by +5 for 1 turn.

From these skills alone, Legendary Tiki seems to be quite the powerhouse, needing very little assistance to be an incredible threat on the battlefield, as she can force doubles in either phase with diminished Special Cooldowns in both- something that armored units have become known for.

Should You Pull? 

Here are some reasons to try your luck on blue orbs:

  • You like Micaiah, Spring Catria, and Legendary Tiki, as you could get any of the three.
  • You want an overpowered armored dragon
  • You want a blue unit with dragon effectiveness to handle all the other Tikis
  • You can only pull for Legendary Tiki once every few months, she will have no other banners

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from blue orbs:

  • The rates are deceptive- your chance of getting Legendary Tiki on this banner is actually lower than your chances of getting a solo 5 star focus on a non-legendary banner
  • You don’t like using armors

Other Blue Units

With an offensive spread of 32/35, Spring Catria is an exceptionally strong blue tome cavalry unit and her natural tome, Huginn’s Egg, allows her to be an exceptional debuffer to your team. However, Reinhardt’s damage potential will likely leave her in the dust and her low bulk means that she’s very vulnerable to counterattacks.

Micaiah is a very unique blue tome unit who lowers her Speed in order to keep both her Attack and Resistance stats very high. With a legendary tome that hits both armored and cavalry foes for effective damage, and reduces her damage received from ranged armored and ranged cavalry, she can be played as a very strong anti-meta ranged tank. However, her Defense is just as poor as Spring Catria’s, making her unreliable against dragons and powerful units with Distant Counter.

Green Units

Legendary Hector has been a Tier 1 unit since the moment of his inception- his legendary axe, Thunder Armads, allows him excellent control of combat by eliminating his opponent’s followup attacks, while his unique C slot, Ostia’s Pulse, can reduce the Special cooldown of all of his allies by 1. His power is unparalleled, as he is tied for the highest Attack stat in the game, as well as exceptionally high Defense and a great HP stat for added bulk.

Spring Sharena is a speedy green mage who is capable of outstripping many of her peers when it comes to versatility; she can run a Gronnblade set with her 32 Attack/36 Speed, or she can use her natural Muninn’s Egg to debuff her opponent with the lowest Speed an Atk/Res -5. Her decent Resistance of 30 allows her the ability to run Ploys if inherited, and she’s an overall decent magical tank.

While he’s somewhat fallen from grace as the indomitable green tank, Brave Ike still packs quite a powerful punch with his Urvan, combined with his hefty 35 Attack and 36 Def. In addition, he’s an amazing source of skill inheritance, as he’s still the only unit in the game with the highly-sought Steady Breath. Brave Ike is still an effective green tank and can shut down Brave users with ease.

Red Units

Inverting his Attack and Defense from his Brave self, Legendary Ike runs 36/35 respectively, along with his Ragnell with built-in DC. Where Legendary Ike really shines is in his Radiant Aether, which is basically Aether on a reduced cooldown- this allows him to activate Aether without relying on being doubled when used with Quick Riposte and his natural Warding Breath.

Karla takes Speed to the extreme, becoming the fastest unit in the game at 40 Speed- and her Attack is no slouch either, following behind with 35. For this, she trades most of her Defense and Res, but keeps a decent HP bulk with which she can use to tank the necessary attack between her all-but-guaranteed double attack. She comes with the rare and powerful Wrath B slot, as well as the Even Spd Wave skill, which she uses to further increase her Speed to insane levels.

Bridal Tharja comes with an impressive 35/35 offensive spread for a red mage, and a somewhat specialized Owltome in Muspell Fireposey, a weapon which increases her Atk/Spd by the number of allies within 2 spaces x 2. She also comes with the somewhat rare Atk/Spd Bond, and the Spd Feint, a B slot skill which utilizes her movement Assist to debuff her opponent.

Colorless Units

The old faithful, Legendary Robin returns to dominate the legendary hero colorless slot. Sporting a well-rounded stat spread, Legendary Robin is a fantastic addition to any flier team, though her lack of color specialization ultimately hurts her potential damage output. Still, it also makes her a better tank, as she has far fewer weaknesses.

Though he has always been underwhelming, Jaffar may prove to be a coveted unit in an Arena meta that requires summoners to set up kills for their lesser-merged bonus unit. Deathly Dagger deals post-combat (nonfatal) damage to his opponent, while also reducing their Def/Res by 7 each- and it cannot be countered by magic users. This can be coupled with Poison Strike to result in an excellent chip damage unit.

While she only held the crown of the best healer in the game for a few weeks before Brave Veronica snatched it from her, Maribelle has a very unique utility in being able to force Triangle Adept onto her opponents, effectively rendering them even weaker to their Weapon Triangle Disadvantage. Aside from that, she carries all the benefits of an offensively-built cavalry healer: she can massively debuff and chip away at opponents with no danger to herself, and she can move freely across the battlefield with a 3 tile movement.