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Introduced last June, the Weekly Revival banners give players the chance to acquire their favorite Gen 1 5* heroes with an increased focus rate of 4%. These banners are fantastic for any fans of these units due to their increased rates, making a +10 of the featured units much easier to achieve. In addition, some units featured possess powerful skills that are still highly desired to this day, such as Hector’s Distant Counter and Takumi’s Close Counter. This Weekly Revival Edition of Should You Pull will hopefully give players a better idea of what each banner possesses and each unit’s capabilities both in terms of fodder and as a unit.

1st to 10th
11th to 20th

Weeks 1-5


Week 1

Week 1’s Weekly Revival Banner features Deirdre, Young Tiki, and Linde, each of which have unique offerings as units. Deirdre’s Divine Naga refine makes her a powerful dragon counter and a powerful combatant in general, as her incredible Resistance ensures that its effect is almost always active against most foes. Linde is less outstanding, as her refined auras don’t have the same offensive prowess as blue mages such as Ishtar and their buffs are easily replaceable by Tactics skills. Regardless, Linde is still a fairly support mage, with the option to support both magical and physical units with her refines. The last banner unit is Young Tiki, who possesses a fairly high Speed stat for a dragon as well as a good exclusive weapon, although this is shared by Adult Tiki. Week 1’s banner unfortunately possesses little of value in terms of fodder, as Deirdre’s Quick Riposte and Speed Ploy are all 4* available or free, while Linde and Young Tiki have no skills worth inheriting(unless one desires Flametongue+).  

In Conclusion, Week 1’s Banner is worthwhile if you desire a strong dragon counter in either Deirdre or Young Tiki, want a powerful support mage in Linde, or simply wish to acquire merges on these units. The banner is not worthwhile unless you wish to use these units, as they possess very little useful fodder, if any.


Week 2

Week 2’s Revival Banner features Celica, Delthea, and Genny. In terms of fodder, Genny’s Wrathful Staff is still highly desirable for nearly all staff users who do not possess it in their base kit, making this banner a fantastic option for picking up the skill. Otherwise the banner’s fodder potential is rather lacking, and the only other skill of note is Celica’s Distant Def 3, which is possessed by grail units such as Garon and Picnic Leo. As a unit, Celica is the most powerful present on the banner, as her refined Ragnarok allows her to output incredible amounts of damage after she sets up. Delthea performs a support role similar to Linde, although she lacks the option to choose between Aura and Dark Aura like Linde does. Lastly, Genny is a somewhat outdated healer compared to the recently demoted Brady and Mercedes, and is unfortunately not worth summoning for unless you like her character or need Wrathful Staff. Regardless, she still takes great advantage of the Wrathful Dazzling combo as most healers do.

To Conclude, Week 2’s Banner is worthwhile if one wishes to summon for the Wrathful Staff skill or if you desire a powerful offensive and support mage in Celica and Delthea respectively, or if you wish to acquire additional merges on these units if you have them. If you have no need for the Wrathful Staff skill or if you have no need for additional mages, this banner may not be worthwhile for you.


Week 3

Week 3’s Revival Banner units are Sigurd, Nephenee, and Julia, who are all solid units in their own right. Sigurd is able to soak incredible amounts of damage from tome users thanks to his Divine Tyrfing reducing their damage by 50%. In conjunction with his innate Crusader’s Ward or the Deflect Magic sacred seal, Sigurd becomes a potent magical tank, although one must be watchful for Aoe Specials. Sigurd can also utilize his weapon with Distant Counter to become a powerful mage duelist, provided one invests in his Speed stat. Nephenee possesses a solid statline and a decent exclusive weapon which grants her Armor effectiveness in addition to the Slaying effect, allowing her to serve as a powerful counter to Armored units and a solid melee combatant in general. Lastly, Julia is an excellent dedicated dragon counter with her Naga refine, which allows her to counterattack dragons at melee range during Enemy Phase, although Julia can also utilize the Refined Divine Naga to good effect. This Banner’s fodder potential is relatively lackluster aside from Nephenee’s Wrath (which is available for free via Astram), as Sigurd and Julia possess no inheritable skills of note. 

Overall, Week 3’s Revival Banner is a good choice if one desires a powerful magic tank in Sigurd, a potent melee duelist in Nephenee, or a dragon counter in Julia. Otherwise, it may be best to look at other banners, as none of the units featured here possess any noteworthy skills to inherit.


Week 4

Week 4’s Featured units are Lyn, Hector, and Brave Lyn. While a bit dated, Hector’s original incarnation still holds up remarkably well to this day, and he can still utilize Berserk Armads to incredible effect on both Player Phase with Bold Fighter or Enemy Phase with Special Fighter and Quick Riposte. Brave Lyn received a considerable buff with the introduction of her refined Mulagir, granting her a boost to all of her stats in combat as long as her Speed exceeds that of the foe, allowing her to pull off a Close Counter build with Vantage for Aether Raids in addition to her classic offensive builds. Lastly, the original Lyn is unfortunately a fairly underwhelming option compared to other easily available infantry sword units such as Soleil and Lon’qu, despite having easier access to her most important skill(Wrath) due to the free Astram. This banner’s fodder potential is also fantastic due to Hector possessing the coveted Distant Counter, which is a vital skill on a wide variety of melee units.

Overall, Week 4’s banner is worthwhile if one desires a powerful axe armor and archer in Hector and Brave Lyn respectively, or if one wishes to acquire Lyn due to personal preference. This banner is also worthwhile if you wish to inherit Distant Counter onto one or more of your melee units. If you have no need for Distant Counter or additional Armors or Archers, it may be best to skip this banner.


Week 5

Week 5’s rotation features Mist, Brave Ike, and Ike. Brave Ike is easily the star of this banner, as his Refined Urvan allows him to survive incredible amounts of damage due to it allowing his opponent to perform follow-up attacks before he can counter, in addition to reducing his foe’s damage by 40% for their first attack and 80% for consecutive attacks. Brave Ike also has the Steady Breath skill, which remains a fantastic skill to inherit for melee tanks as well as Distant Counter weapon users such as Nowi and the Black Knight. Ike’s original incarnation also remains a decent choice due to his Ragnell’s innate Distant Counter, which allows him to utilize a more powerful A slot skill such as Steady Stance 4 while retaining the ability to counter ranged units. Mist is one of the worst healers in the game and it’s a mystery why she remains a 5* exclusive, so she’s best left alone unless you like her as a character and wish to merge her to +10. 

Overall, Week 5’s rotation is worthwhile if one desires an incredible tank in Brave Ike, an Infantry sword unit with a Distant Counter weapon in Ike, or if one wishes to acquire merges on any of the featured units. This banner is also a good choice of one wishes to inherit Steady Breath on any of their units. Otherwise, another banner may be more desirable for you to spend your orbs on.

Weeks 6-10

Week 6

Week 6 features both Brave and Launch Lucina, as well as Julia making a fairly quick return from her appearance during week 3. Brave Lucina is the most powerful unit on the banner, due to her incredible supportive utility in granting any physical units +3 to all stats in addition to the effect of Steady Breath, even to units who normally lack access to the skill such as Cavalry and Fliers. Because of this Brave Lucina excels in a support role in every game mode, especially in Aether Raids when supporting supertanks or Vantage sweepers, such as Brave Ike and Ares. On top of her incredible supportive utility, Brave Lucina can also serve as a decent dragon check due to Geirskögul’s dragon effectiveness. Julia also serves as a very powerful dragon counter due to her Refined Naga granting her the ability to counterattack dragons at melee range. Julia can also utilize the Refined Divine Naga to great effect, allowing her to become a solid check to units who utilize visible buffs while retaining her effectiveness against dragons, although she loses her ability to counterattack them on Enemy Phase. Lucina’s original incarnaton is the least noteworthy unit on the banner, due to her refined Falchion being accessible to Masked Marth, who is not only nearly identical to Lucina in terms of stats but also much easier to obtain. Regardless, Launch Lucina remains a good choice if you need additional Falchion users or you simply wish to merge her. This Banner’s fodder potential is unfortunately nonexistent, as none of the featured units possess any remarkable skills to inherit.

This Banner is a fantastic choice if you struggle with dragons and need additional counters to them, as every focus unit here is a solid dragon counter. It’s also worthwhile if you wish to acquire a powerful support unit in Brave Lucina, or if you wish to acquire merges on any of the featured units. If you’ve obtained Brave Lucina previously and have enough dragon countering units, it may be best to invest your orbs elsewhere.


Week 7

Week 7 features three out of the four hoshidan royal siblings, Hinoka, Ryoma, and Takumi. Hinoka’s unique lance grants her a +4 buff to Attack and Speed when she starts combat within 2 spaces of an Infantry or Flying unit, and its special refine grants her the Guidance skill to Infantry and Flying allies, although otherwise Hinoka’s performance is the same as most other Lance Fliers in terms of statline. Ryoma is a similarily average Infantry sword who possesses innate Distant Counter built into Raijinto, freeing his A slot up for other skills such as Steady Breath and Warding Stance 4. Takumi is sadly not worthwhile as a unit, as he’s fallen considerably from grace as more powerful Archers such as Legendary Alm and Norne left him completely in the dust while he remains stuck with a refine that fails to fix any of his problems. Takumi does possess Close Counter, which remains a fairly valuable skill to inherit to many Tanky Ranged units, as well as units who utilize the Close Counter Vantage combo in Aether Raids.

Overall, All of Week 7’s featured units are relatively average in what they offer, as Hinoka remains similar performance-wise to many other 3-4* available lance fliers, Ryoma is eclipsed by other Distant Counter weapon users such as the Black Knight, and Takumi is a lackluster option compared to many other archers available. Still, Week 7’s banner is worthwhile if you desire an additional Lance flier in Hinoka or a decent Distant Counter sword user in Ryoma, if you wish to acquire merges on the featured units, or if you wish to inherit Close Counter onto one of your units. Otherwise, it may be best to skip this banner.


Week 8

Week 8’s Banner features Minerva, Katarina, and Genny in her 2nd Weekly Banner appearance. Minerva’s Refined Hauteclere is simple but powerful, granting her the effects of both a Slaying and Wo Dao weapon in one, making her Specials hit significantly harder and trigger much more quickly. Katarina on the other hand, is able to serve as a potent debuffing mage while remaining competent offensively, as Reese’s Tome grants Katarina Attack and Speed Ploy in one while also functioning as an owltome. Lastly, Genny is a fairly unremarkable healer compared to other options such as Mercedes and Brady, but she can still perform fairly well as an offensive healer despite her low Speed. In terms of inheritable skills, Genny stands out due to Wrathful Staff remaining a useful skill for healers if they lack it in their base kits. Otherwise, the banner lacks any noteworthy fodder aside from Katarina’s owltome, which is available via Canas thanks to heroic grails. 

Week 8 is a solid choice to pull on if you desire a solid generalist axe flier in Minerva, an offensive mage debuffer in Katarina, or an additional healer in Genny. It is also worthwhile if you wish to acquire merges on these units, or inherit Wrathful Staff onto your units. If your main healer already has Wrathful/Dazzling staff inherited or you have no need of additional Axe fliers or mages, your orbs may be better spent elsewhere.


Week 9

Week 9’s featured units are Alm, Faye, and Delthea, who makes her 2nd Weekly Banner appearance. Alm has a solid niche as an offensive unit, as his Refined Falchion becomes a 16 might Brave weapon when Alm is at full health, allowing him to become a devastating offensive powerhouse that can easily KO all but the sturdiest of Blue tanks in two hits. Alm does require a means of regenerating his health(such as Mystic Boost) to sustain his weapon’s effect, however. Faye is a solid defensive archer as her Bow of Devotion grants her Quick Riposte built into her weapon, which allows her to utilize other B slot skills such as Special Spiral in its place while retaining the ability to perform follow-up attacks on Enemy Phase. Finally, Delthea functions as a solid teammate for melee units, as her Dark Aura not only grants them a +6 Attack buff, but grants a +5 buff to Delthea’s Attack and Speed when she’s within two spaces of a melee ally. This Banner’s only noteworthy inheritable skill is Faye’s Firesweep Bow, which remains one of the best choices for Player Phase archers. Faye’s possession of it is rather strange considering her role as a Defensive archer, however.

Overall, Week 9 is a great choice to pull on if one desires a Player Phase powerhouse that can KO dragons easily in Alm, a defensive archer in Faye, or a melee support mage in Delthea. It’s also a worthwhile choice if you wish to merge any of these units, or inherit the Firesweep Bow onto one of your offensive archers. If you have no need of these units or a Firesweep Bow, another banner might be more worthwhile to spend on.


Week 10

Week 10’s featured units are Amelia, Olwen, and Ayra. Ayra remains one of the strongest Infantry sword units in the game due to her excellent statline and her exclusive Regnal Astra, a Special that scales off Ayra’s high Speed, in addition to having a short cooldown. Amelia is also a powerful unit in her own right due to her high stats in addition to the Grado Poleaxe, which grants her permanent -1 Special cooldown and a +5 buff to her Speed and Defense when she has a visible buff or Armor march active. Olwen is easily the worst unit of the banner due to her being hopelessly stuck in Reinhardt’s shadow as a Dire Thunder user, and in the shadow of other blue tome cavalry such as L’arachel and Valentine’s Soren as a Blade mage. Still, she can function passably well as a Blade mage and is also capable of quadding with Dire Thunder with enough support, if one wishes to use her. In terms of inheritable skills, only Amelia’s Armor March is particularly noteworthy, as Ayra’s Swift Sparrow and Desperation are more easily obtained via Naesala and Shanna, while Olwen lacks any decent inheritable skills at all.

Week 10 is worthwhile to pull on if you desire a powerful sword infantry unit or axe armor in Ayra and Amelia respectively, want to inherit Armor March onto one of your Armored units, or if you wish to acquire merges for any of the units featured. If you have enough sword infantry units and don’t need additional Axe Armors, Saving your orbs for future banners could be a better option.

Weeks 11-15


Week 11

Week 11 features Brave Roy, Ninian, and Brave Lyn’s 2nd weekly banner appearance. While Brave Roy was once a middle of the road sword cavalier, his refined Blazing Durandal has transformed him into one of the best offensive sword cavaliers in the game. Granting him a Steady Impact effect in addition to Special Fighter on Player Phase, the refined Blazing Durandal not only allows Brave Roy to trigger his specials much more quickly, but also makes him nearly impossible to KO if he initiates. Brave Lyn remains an excellent choice for an archer, as she can not only utilize Firesweep and other offensive bows well, she also possesses the refined Mulagir, which allows her to nullify the buffs of ranged opponents while granting her a +4 bonus to all of her stats when her Speed exceeds that of the foe’s. Finally, Ninian is a rare Dragon Dancer, meaning she can utilize Breaths to either support her team further or increase her defensive capabilities, such as Light Breath and Lightning Breath. Her prowess is hampered by her incredibly low Attack, however.

Week 11 is worthwhile if you desire an incredible Player Phase sword cavalier in Brave Roy, a powerful cavalry archer in Brave Lyn, or a dragon dancer in Ninian(although its likely many players will have acquired her via hero’s path quests). It’s also worthwhile if you desire merges on any of these units. As this banner lacks any particularly outstanding fodder, another banner may be the best choice if none of these units interest you.


Week 12

Week 12’s featured units are the first wave of far fetched heroes, Lute, Dorcas, and Mia. Lute recently received a powerful refine that grants her Sabotage Spd/Res, while also granting her a +4 bonus to all of her stats if a penalty is present on the foe, allowing her to serve as a powerful support mage while retaining decent offensive capabilities. Dorcas serves as a good Enemy Phase axe infantry unit due to his Stout Tomahawk granting him innate Distant Counter, which allows him to utilize a plethora of powerful A slot options such as Steady Stance 4 while retaining the ability to counterattack at range. Mia is the least impressive unit of the banner, as she’s rather middle of the road Sword Infantry unit who lacks any outstanding exclusive skills, and although she can still hold her own, other infantry sword units such as Soleil and Astram possess similar statlines and are much easier to merge.

As none of the heroes featured possess noteworthy fodder, this banner is worthwhile only if you wish to acquire a Distant Counter weapon user in Dorcas, an offensive debuffer in Lute, or an additional sword infantry unit in Mia, or if you wish to acquire merges on the featured units.


Week 13

Week 13’s banner features Tana, Hector, and the best pitybreaker in the game, Luke!(I may be lying about the last one). Tana has a fairly unique niche among the bloated lance flier pool as a bulky defensive lancer with her exclusive weapon, but she can also function decently as a Firesweep user if desired. Hector is as great as he always is, packing incredible power with both Normal and Thunder Armads even after his heyday’s long since passed. Lastly, Luke possesses the Rowdy Sword, which when refined grants him an additional +6 Attack and Defense when the opponent has no buffs active, which is easily achieved with the aid of Dull Close. 

Hector’s the only noteworthy fodder unit on Week 13’s banner, as Distant Counter is still a highly coveted skill for both newcomers and veterans alike. This banner’s main value lies in easily accessible Distant Counter fodder or if you want merges for Tana, Hector, or Luke. Otherwise, it may be better to save your orbs for a future banner.

Week 14

Week 14

Week 14 Features Linde’s 2nd weekly rerun, as well as Sonya and Saber. Linde has two powerful exclusive weapons at her disposal depending on what allies she’s supporting, Refined Aura for magical allies and Dark Aura for melee allies. While other blue mages such as Ishtar are stronger offensively, Linde can still function well as a hybrid offensive/support unit. Sonya was a big winner of the refinery lottery as her refined Dark Excalibur grants her -2 Special cooldown on the first turn when refined in addition to +10 Special damage, making her a devastating offensive mage. Finally, Saber has an interesting niche as a sword user, as his refined Golden Dagger grants him Distant Counter as long as his Special is charged in addition to the Slaying effect, allowing him to utilize another powerful A slot skill in addition to Distant Counter, similar to Ike or Zelgius.

In terms of fodder, Saber possesses the rare Shield Pulse, while Sonya has Res Ploy. Linde unfortunately has no noteworthy fodder, so blue orbs here should be avoided if skill inheritance is your main goal. This banner’s value is mainly the utility of the focus units, so if you’re uninterested in them or acquiring merges, it would likely be best to skip this banner.

week 15

Week 15

Week 15 features Eldigan, Azura, and Deirdre. Eldigan functions similarly to Ares with Dark Mystletainn, albeit less efficient due to his lower Attack, while the refined Mystletainn allows Eldigan to take a more offensive role, although this is hampered by his low Speed. Deirdre remains a powerful unit due to her refined Divine Naga, which grants her a significant stat boost against foes with lower Resistance than her. In combination with its innate dragon effective damage and adaptive damage nullification, Deirdre becomes a powerful dragon check. Lastly, Azura is fairly underwhelming compared to most other dancers these days, but she can still function decently if you need a Lance dancer.

This banner lacks any noteworthy fodder, so unless you wish to acquire or gain additional merges for the featured units, another banner may be a better option.

Weeks 16-20


Week 16

Week 16 features Karel, Ephraim, and Jaffar, all of whom are units that possess less than stellar fodder. Karel is an interesting infantry sword to invest in, as his exclusive weapon grants him access to faster Noontimes, and his high HP allows him to resist Panic users that other infantry swords would be more susceptible to. Ephraim’s main niche is his refined Siegmund, which grants him a guaranteed follow-up attack when he’s at 90% HP or above, but he’s rather middling when compared to the recently released Female Kris and Apotheosis Anna. Lastly, Jaffar is an incredibly weak unit overall, as his main function is thoroughly outclassed by nearly any staff user with Pain. One should only pull for him out of favoritism as a result.


Week 17

Week 17 features Innes, Tana, and Elincia, none of whom possess any noteworthy fodder not found on 3-4* units. However, Elincia stands out as one of the more powerful Sword fliers available due to her powerful exclusive weapon, Amiti, which functions as an enhanced Brave Sword that can also be refined to grant her inbuilt Swift Sparrow 2. Innes, on the other hand, utilizes his refined Nidhogg and high Resistance to check mages, and his bow can be refined to prevent counterattacks from magic foes as well. Finally, Tana’s refined Vidofnir makes her a solid physical wall among lance fliers, but this role isn’t very desired in the current metagame, leaving her somewhat overshadowed in the ocean of available lance fliers.


Week 18

Week 18 features Sanaki, Nephenee, and Amelia. While Sanaki has no notable fodder, Nephenee possesses Wrath, while Amelia possesses Armor March. In addition, all three were gifted with weapon refinements, Sanaki’s refined Cymbeline giving her additional synergy with flying allies, and Nephenee’s Daunting Lance functioning as a Slaying Lance that can additionally be refined to grant her the Steady Posture skill. Amelia’s personal Grado Poleaxe, on the other hand, capitalizes on her base kit as it grants her and additional 5 Speed and Defense during combat as long as she has a buff active, an activation condition similar to Brave Ephraim’s Garm. This banner is best pulled on if you’re looking for a copy of Armor March or Wrath to inherit to your units, or if you’re hunting down merges for these units in order to +10 them.

Week 19

Week 19

Week 19 features Gray and the Brave Hero OTP, Brave Lucina and Brave Ike. Brave Ike needs no introduction, as he is widely known as one of the tankiest units in the game thanks to his refine, which grants him unconditional 50% damage reduction against the opponent’s first strike, as well as a reverse desperation effect which forces the opponent to Attack twice in a row, allowing Brave Ike to more easily take advantage of Urvan’s innate 80% damage reduction against consecutive attacks. Brave Lucina received a similar level of power from her refine, gaining unprecedented supportive utility by granting melee allies a Steady Breath esque effect, in addition to now boasting dragon effectiveness. Finally, Gray’s refine keeps his old Zanbato’s cavalry effectiveness, in addition to now boosting his stats by 3 when he’s at 50% HP or higher, and giving him an additional +5 spectrum buff when the number of nearby Enemies exceeds his allies. In terms of fodder, Brave Ike possesses Steady Breath, which while less desired now is still a good skill. The only other notable Fodder on this banner is Gray’s Zanbato, although it serves little purpose for most Sword users aside from inheritable sword collection.

week 20

Week 20

Week 20 features Leo, Elise, and Azura, none of whom possess any worthwhile fodder. Elise is a relatively standard cavalry healer with decent offenses, but her role is easily replicated by any of the 3-4* available options such as Priscilla and Nanna, so pulling for her is inadvisable outside of character bias. Azura, on the other hand, is a fairly rare Lance dancer, so she can utilize inheritable lances such as the Wagasa in conjunction with normal dancer utility to some success. Lastly, Leo is the banner’s biggest stinker, only really having middling mixed bulk to his name, and an exclusive weapon that does not synergize with Leo’s statline in the slightest. In addition, his Anti Mage niche is thoroughly outclassed by more available alternatives such as Sophia, and even other 5* locked units such as Kiria and Fallen Lyon. As a result, it is highly inadvisable to pull for Leo unless you love him, as he lacks any real niche among his peers. It seems IS didn’t get the memo about Leo's popularity after all….

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