Dark Excalibur (Def+)

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Non-Inheritable skill.

Special Damage +10 Weapons


These weapons are notorious for their effect of adding ten damage to any special attack triggers. While these weapons are obviously locked to their respective unit types, they only have one other activation requirement: The unit must possess a special that deals damage. The ten bonus damage is considered flat, similar to damage from effects such as Poison Strike and Savage Blow. Unlike them however, the damage is lethal, and is therefore a valuable way of cutting through the defenses of tanky units.


The first and most important consideration when using these weapons is deciding which special to use alongside them. Moonbow is by far the most common choice, for a few reasons. The defense/resistance ignore property works great alongside the flat damage, providing a very effective anti-tank measure. Secondly, Moonbow’s cooldown is only two, allowing for the effect to trigger many times during one battle. However, these weapons can be used alongside stronger, slower specials such as Ignis and Draconic Aura. In these cases, careful planning can allow an ally to score an important enemy KO on a team that otherwise has trouble with that unit. Skills that boost special charge time are also good partners, such as Steady Breath, Heavy Blade and Quickened Pulse. An ally with Infantry Pulse can also speed up the first trigger of the weapon’s effect.


Being weapons, the primary trade-off with their use is the opportunity cost with not using other weapons. Builds that are based around multiple activations of a special would many times rather opt for Killer/Slaying weapons or their relevant Legendary variants. Despite this, The Wo Dao/Moonbow combo is commonly seen and very powerful. The easiest way of dealing with these weapon types is use of a Brave weapon user who can eliminate them before they have a chance to use their special. Although the damage ignores defense and resistance, defensive specials such as Pavise will reduce the bonus damage regardless.