Sturdy War Sword

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Weapon SP Rng. Mt.
Sturdy War SwordGrants Atk+3. At start of combat, if unit's HP ≥ 25%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit during combat, and if unit's attack triggers Special, the following effects will occur based on the number of allies within 4 spaces of unit: If ≥ 1, before unit's first attack, grants Special cooldown count-X (X = 50% of unit's max Special cooldown count value, rounded down) to unit. If ≥ 2, reduces damage from foe's first attack by X% (X = unit's max Special cooldown count value × 10). If ≥ 3, neutralizes effects that guarantee foe's follow-up attacks and effects that prevent unit's follow-up attacks. 400 1 16
Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Non-Inheritable skill.

Units with Skill

Skillsets that use skill

father, i would be most grateful if you let me consume a pastry with high levels of sugar and simple carbohydrates (Defensive / Damage Reduction Stacking)

how do you do, fellow kids? (Defensive / Melee Specialist)

it’s upsetting me and my homegirl (Defensive / All-Purpose Tank)