FGO 8 Million Downloads Campaign on the Way

FGO 8 Million Downloads Campaign
  • FGO Global has reached the 8 million download mark! A celebratory campaign is on the way.
  • Login bonuses, 30 Quartz for all Masters who have completed the Final Singularity (or complete it while the Event is active), and 1/2 AP cost for Main Quests from Fuyuki to the Final Singularity (stacks with the permanent 1/2 AP for those quests for an effective 75% AP cost reduction)
  • First Hassan, Hassan of the Hundred Personas, and Hassan of the Serenity will receive a rate-up!
  • Plus other bonuses in Da Vinci's shop and Chaldea Gate quests!

FGO NA 8 Million Downloads Campaign arriving 11/07

On Saturday, Nov. 2, the official FGO USA twitter announced that FGO NA has crossed 8 million downloads, dropping some preview details about the upcoming 8 Million Downloads Campaign set to begin on Nov. 7 and run until Nov. 20.

The 8M DL campaign will mark the return of a rate up for one of the most popular 5* (SSR) Servants in the game, the First Hassan, alongside his fellow Hassans, 3* (R) Hassan of the Hundred Personas and 3* (R) Hassan of the Serenity.

Other rewards already mentioned include a set of login bonuses, a 30 Saint Quartz bonus to any Masters who have completed the Final Singularity or complete it during the event, and more.

Other bonuses will likely mirror those from the corresponding JP Campaign, which suggests that Da Vinci's shop will get some new goodies and the return of the standard Increased Super/Great Success chance during Enhancement. Stay tuned for more information to follow!

UPDATE: The full information about the 8 Million Downloads Campaign has now been released! Visit our 8 Million Downloads Campaign Hub to get the entire list of features and rewards.


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