Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Coming To MOBILE

FF Crystal Chronicles
  • Popular Gamecube title - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles coming to Mobile
  • Multiplayer Gameplay with Friends

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Coming To MOBILE

There's a new take on an old title coming to a mobile phone near you.

Square Enix is remastering their old GameCube classic, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, and they're bringing it to mobile. Users will be able to play the epic franchise with friends and co-operative play, and protect the land from Miasma.

The official trailer is below:

Crystal Chronicles was one of the first Final Fantasy titles to actually come to Nintendo platforms, as it traditionally existed only on Sony Playstation devices. 

It's exciting to see this title remastered, as I always felt like it was an underdog in the franchise. Sure, it's a little more cartoon-y looking than the more real-feeling epics like Final Fantasy X with massive cut scenes and epic explosions, but it's still a great game. And we're excited to see it come to mobile this winter!

We'll keep you up to date as we hear more!

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