Fiora Shen Deck Review

Shen Fiora

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A fairly straightforward Midrange deck, Fiora and Shen have natural synergy as Fiora makes obvious and threatening use of Barrier along with her and her preferred Followers' Challenger ability. Ionia and Demacia both have access to powerful and reactive Burst spells to change the flow of combat and preserve threatening ranks of Followers if Fiora does not secure a quick victory on her own. One of the oldest decks to still see top level play, it's simple and effective strategy is easy to pick up and play. 


  • Rivershaper, Fiora, and Shen form a solid early game core for this deck. an early Greenglade Caretaker can quickly become hard to manage for the opponent.

Early Game

  • Keep Followers on the board, but reserve mana for Spells such as Sharpsight and Single Combat. 
  • Brightsteel Protector is also good to save for later in the game to protect Fiora, Rivershaper, or Screeching Dragon.
  • Only play Fiora or Rivershaper on Turn 3 if a Shen is in hand to protect them on Turn 4.

Mid Game

  • Safely board Rivershaper, Fiora, and Shen, and keep enough Mana to protect them.
  • Watch out for removal, as Fiora invites it, although keeping a single Deny in hand can secure a victorious final swing in the late game.

Late Game

  • Screeching Dragon soon becomes a very real threat for the opponent - another which appreciates Barrier -, and is a great distraction for Fiora if it does not secure the victory itself. 
  • Brightsteel Formation is the capstone play for this deck, having game-ending synergy with both Shen and Fiora.
  • This deck has a straightforward win condition; protect Fiora for an early victory or overwhelm in traditional Midrange by dominating the board with tough Followers.


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