Fire Emblem: Three Houses Wave 3 DLC Launches, Pet Lovers Rejoice (Jeritza is There Too)


Wave 3 of the DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses is here!

  • You can feed the cats and dogs!
  • You can dress everyone up with new costumes!
  • You can use outfits in battle, not just in the monastery!
  • Anna is now recruitable!
  • New Maid and Butler themed battalions and outfits!
  • The Sauna is now open!
  • Jeritza is there too I guess. (Free update for all players, no Expansion Pass needed)

(Note: This article contains minor spoilers)

Finally, the Dream is Real

Let's not mince words. From Day 1, when Fire Emblem: Three Houses released, the greatest wish and abiding hope of all players has been that the various adorable cats and dogs living in Garreg Mach Monastery would be interactable. Until today, including in previous DLC updates, our expectations have been repeatedly dashed.

But no longer! Wave 3 of the Three Houses DLC launched yesterday evening, and our sweetest animal-loving dreams have come true with several other, less important bonuses like new playable characters and other such irrelevant minutiae. Read below to learn more about the Wave 3 DLC (and the free update) and see community responses!

fe3h dog gift
This is the stuff dreams are made of  | Nintendo of America

Wave 3 Updates - Free DLC

All players with the full version of Fire Emblem: Three Houses received the following in the update:

Jeritza is now a playable character in the Crimson Flower route

  • Yes, he takes off the mask. Stop asking me that. 

The number of available save slots has expanded from 5 to 25

Characters' outfits in battle can now be set to match their Monastery appearance

  • Their appearances can be changed in the Journal, under Unit Appearance
  • This includes the DLC outfits (send your entire team to battle in loungewear!)
  • Mounted units will retain their normal appearance, unfortunately

Wave 3 Updates - Expansion Pass (Paid DLC)

Players with the Expansion Pass received or will additionally receive the following new features:

Anna is now a playable character in all routes

  • Players can recruit Anna by completing the quest she gives out in the Monastery starting after Chapter 3: Mutiny in the Mist
  • Unfortunately, Anna has no Supports whatsoever, not even with Byleth
  • Recruiting Anna unlocks a new Paralogue after a certain point in the game

New outfits can be selected from the Journal

  • The added outfits include the Servant AttireSummer Wear and Evening Wear outfits
  • All outfits can be used for both a character's pre- and post-timeskip appearance
Servant Attire
For when you want to be a dapper death-dealer | Nintendo of America

Additional quests are available in the Monastery

  • On top of Anna's quest as mentioned above, other gameplay features are available
  • The Sauna is now open for use after completing the mission from the Sauna Boss
    • Yes, his name is the Sauna Boss
    • You can gain benefits for both Byleth and the companion of choice in the Sauna if you manage the heat level well (a bit odd, but no complaints)
  • New Battalions are available once the mission from the maid in the Dining Hall is complete
    • Ride into combat with your own battalions full of battle butlers and ninja maids and such.
    • Why are all Fire Emblem domestic workers also killing machines?

After completing a specific mission, you can feed the cats and dogs in the Monastery

  • This gets its own section because it's clearly the most important part of the update.
  • Gifting the animals food they like will eventually result in them giving you something back.
  • Once the animal is full, you will have to either feed a different one or wait a week before you can give gifts again.

Community Reception

Naturally, the community is once again thrilled with the DLC's new features.

Sometimes we learn about the real themes of the game...

And sometimes we just resign ourselves to disappointment and crushed expectations.

Maybe even learning the new best dating spots in Garreg Mach.

Some really galaxy brain realizations happening behind the scenes as well.

All things considered, yet another satisfying piece of DLC. What do you think? What was your favorite part of the DLC, whether in this wave or from earlier ones? And would you or would you not agree with one GamePress editor who shall not be named in describing Jeritza thus: 'simply a brooding twunk in need of therapy'? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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