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Kongregate's popular "clicker" AdVenture Capitalist series' spinoff, released in July 2017.

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Gameplay Analysis

There is one word that sums up gameplay in Adventure Communist, and that word is clicking. When you start you're given one resource to "farm", which is Potatoes. The other four resources are Land, Ore, Bullets, and Medicine. All resources function in the same way; to start, you have a button to increase your resource. With enough of it, you can build a base unit that increases the resource on a cooldown. After purchasing enough of that base unit you can build a unit that produces those base unit. This repeats for a good amount. 

After reaching a certain number of milestones(Build 1,000 of a base unit, etc), you gain Science and Comrades. Science buys upgrades to your resource buildings. Science purchases can be refunded at any time and are permanent until reset.

Ultimately, you're trying to increase your "rank" by traveling back in time to reset all of your progress and Science. You're given a small Science boost after traveling back in time, which is a nice incentive.  

Enjoyment of a game such as this is completely dependent on your definition of "gameplay". AdVenture Communist literally plays itself. There is a satisfaction to be found in watching the numbers tick up past the trillions. There isn't any particular reason you should play this game, but enjoyment is available. 

Cost Analysis

Adventure Capitalist is a game of currencies so to speak. The premium currency is called Gold and is used for very few things. You can use it to buy Science, another currency that upgrades your buttons and builders. You can also use it to boose your Comrades, a global currency that's used in every purchase.

Boosts can also be obtained by watching ads. You can watch up to 8 ads for up to five times your gains. A bundle in the game exists that gives you that buff permanently, but it's costly when not on sale($19.99). Gold can also be obtained through downloading and installing free trials of other apps.

Overall, Gold is a very unnecessary resource to use when playing the game. Science is gained at a decent rate overall, and having different ways to obtain boosts is helpful for those looking to play for free.

Aesthetics Analysis

Art in the game will be very familiar to anyone who knows the series. It's very cartoony, reminiscent of the Fallout Vault Boy. Animations on the little screen telegraph how much of a particular resource you're farming, and is a nice touch. You could complain about the lack of variety, but its ultimately as simple as the mechanics involved. The involvement of communism as a theme could be considered questionable. 

Commitment Reward Analysis

AdVenture Communist will always keep its counters ticking up, even while the app isn't open. Logging in gives you a notification of how many Comrades you have gained, and there's an option to gain more if you sit through an ad.

It's kind of like there isn't any "commitment" to speak of. As long as you have the app installed, it can play itself.

Longevity Analysis

AdVenture Communist has seen several version updates since release. Kongregate is one of the most prolific app makers around, having been around since Flash games were popular a decade ago. 

Similarly, AdVenture Capitalist has received over 30 updates since its release in 2015. It can be said there will be support for this game for a while. 

Overall Analysis

If you like "clicker" type games, you'll be very happy with AdVenture Communist. It has a lot of what made its predecessor great. This type of game is perfectly suited for mobile, and how much you enjoy numbers ticking up will be the best factor in determining if this game is for you. 

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