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Cosmic Eggs is an alien breeding simulator released in January 2018 by Ambition co,. ltd.

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Gameplay Analysis

The draw of Cosmic Eggs is the alien management and breeding simulation. You start the game with a set of basic aliens to power up. After a very short time, you're given the option to breed your alien with another to have a chance to change it. You can breed by either selecting one of two visiting players on your home screen, from your friends' list, or from someone nearby. Friends list and home screen breeding are on a timer. If you raise the alien to the maximum level, you have a chance to evolve it to the next rarity through breeding.  Breeding also passes on "traits", which are boosts to things such as power and ailment resistance. 

The highest rarity is 7 stars, and not every alien can be raised to that level. Many max out at five or six. Rarity is the biggest determining factor in factoring the power of your alien. A higher rarity will put you in another tier of stats. Having a team of three 4 or 5-star aliens is enough to carry you through most of the content. 

Combat is negligible. Battles happen automatically and in waves. There's technically a type affinity wheel with three types but it's mostly unimportant. There exists a neutral type so that one is always going to be the most relevant to all content. Powering up your aliens is what is most important. 

Cost Analysis

Gold and Meteors are the only two currencies in Cosmic Eggs. Meteors are very generously given through mission completion(five if there's combat, two for not), and as for achievement completion. Galaxy Capture(or, as the game calls it, "gacha") and cost 50 each. However, summoning one alien at a time will make it difficult for you to receive higher rarity aliens. You can also receive special "Gacha Tickets" that will summon at the least a 4-star alien. 

Overall there isn't that much to criticize for Cosmic Eggs' monetization. I was able to do two multi-summons with the free premium currency and had a bunch extra to spare. 

Aesthetics Analysis

Art is in an interesting blend of chibi cartoons with bold outlines and cel shading. The direction is defined and appealing, by my personal standards. The alien and space motif is blended well into the gameplay mechanics. Music, unfortunately, is grating and sound effects are very loud. Turning down the volume helps but it may get on your nerves. 

Commitment Reward Analysis

Login bonuses are very strong for Cosmic Eggs. There are two separate login bonuses, as well as five or six daily quests to complete. Furthermore, eggs are on a timer with a length that depends on the rarity. Rarer aliens are hatched at a slower rate. Promotions are also available for special aliens and items. 

Longevity Analysis

Ambition co., ltd. is a game development company with many titles under their belt. The company has been around since 2005 and their most popular title, Dream Girlfriend, saw over two years of patches and is still being updated. 

Overall Analysis

Cosmic Eggs is an enjoyable and simple experience that can scratch that itch for anyone looking for a mobile Monster Rancher. The battle mechanics are shallow but collecting the aliens can be enjoyable and it's easy on the eyes. The best part of the game, in my opinion, is the affordability. This game is friendly to newcomers and there's fun to be had. 

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