Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG

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Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG
Hyper Heroes: Marble-Like RPG

Hyper Heroes is a ricochet based RPG released in 2016 by HyperJoy.

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Gameplay Analysis

Hyper Heroes' gameplay is focused on a team of four Heroes clearing screens of enemies. Your heroes take turns being flung across the stage, ricocheting off enemies and walls. Hitting an enemy does damage, and running through your allies triggers skills that drastically affect the tide of battle. After a certain number of attacks are given or received, your Hero may trigger a special attack that devastates the battlefield. Bosses are encountered at the end of each stage. After combat, rewards and a ranking are received. Maximizing your ranking allows you to "raid" the encounter, where you receive the rewards without the combat. 

Loot is the key component that allows you to upgrade your Heroes. Each Hero has six equipment slots that, when filled, allow you to upgrade your hero. Heroes have five gear "levels": white, green, blue, purple, and orange. Going up a level typically unlocks skills which staggeringly increase that heroes' offensive capabilities. Heroes also have a star ranking that affects their stats. Increasing their star ranking requires the collection of Soul Stones, obtained through certain milestones and also through purchases. Combat capabilities can also be upgraded through Masteries and Sprites at later levels. 

Combat is surprisingly enjoyable in Hyper Heroes. While lacking in depth, the ricocheting is satisfying to watch. Picking the right team of Heroes is also fun when accounting for of different types of heroes. Even with the fun I had, the game simply boils down to which team has a higher power level. Paying for a boost will put your characters above and beyond capable levels. 

Cost Analysis

Paying for the premium currency, Diamonds, is available in two forms. You can purchase them upfront at a rate of 160 for $0.99. You can also buy a daily reward of Diamonds that last for between a week and forever. To receive a permanent login Diamond bonus you must pay $24.99. After making a purchase you're entered into their "VIP Club" which includes special item unlocks. There are tiers to the VIP club associated with how much you spend, and the game encourages you heavily to join the VIP Club. 

Gold is the secondary currency and is abundant. Giveaways for achievements, completing missions, and completing a "summon" will get you Gold. You can also buy it with Diamonds, which should never be an issue, unlike stamina. Stamina can run out fairly quickly depending on if you're looking for specific loot. Diamond cost for extra stamina can be costly. Gold is spent on promoting your character, leveling up their skills, acquiring gear, and more. After spending some time with the game, Gold is never an issue. 

Other currencies in the game include Arena Coins, Tower Coins, and Soul Coins. Arena and Tower Coins are both gained through their respective game modes, while Soul Coins are obtained through "summons" and allow you to purchase credits toward summoning a specific hero. 

While Diamonds are available through daily rewards, having the option to purchase a daily Diamond reward is slightly off-putting. Also, the VIP system encourages spending in a way that imbalances the game(purchasing high-ranking Heroes is an easy way to trivialize the gameplay). Overall, value for your purchases is fairly high due to the number of timed promotions. The amount of things to spend Diamonds on isn't overwhelming, but players looking to play without spending money may find it difficult. 

Aesthetics Analysis

The art direction in Hyper Heroes is unassuming and inviting. The cartoon art style is complemented by the 3D models, which are somewhat low-definition but still appealing. The menus are slick, and the overworld map doesn't overwhelm you, even though there is a ton of stuff on it. 

Two pieces of art stick out specifically that may be either references or something else. There is a hero named Tic-Tac Tom that bears a striking resemblance to Jack Skellington. Also, there's a loading screen that is a clear reference to Deathwing from Blizzard's Warcraft series. 

Given these two hangups, it's safe to call the art direction in Hyper Heroes "unoriginal". It doesn't offend and has mainstream appeal. 

Commitment Reward Analysis

Daily reward content in Hyper Heroes is big. There are rewards for logging in daily, and oftentimes there are multiple daily event rewards overlapping each other. Daily quests are also available. The amount rewarded for just logging in is fairly staggering, considering the number of rewards stacked on each other. 

Longevity Analysis

HyperJoy has been around since 2016, with the release of their debut game, Hyper Heroes. Support for the game has been ongoing and events are commonplace. The company has one other game, Hyper Hunters, that released in mid-2017.

It's worth noting that bugs and issues have been reported across a variety of devices, and community opinion seems to be somewhat negative. Nonetheless, support for the game is there.

Overall Analysis

Hyper Heroes took a simple gameplay mechanic and overlay an RPG with mobile game mechanics on it. As a whole package, it's easy to get into and enjoy. The fun in the game can be had without paying(but you'll go far by doing so), and the in-game tutorial gets you where you need to go.

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