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Lineage 2: Revolution(L2R) is Netmarble's adaptation of the MMORPG series for mobile devices.

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Gameplay Analysis

Creating a character in L2R is a simple process of selecting one of three classes and one of four races(genders are not available to choose). Once that's taken care of you're in the game, and you can click on the "Begin Quest button to start using their "auto-quest" feature. Auto-questing will allow your character to complete quest objectives without having to touch the screen. The only confirmation required is to start or complete a quest. 

Combat is cooldown based and functions smoothly, especially when it automatically plays itself. Strategy in combat is not needed unless you're in PVP or at high-level content. 

The world is large and populated with groups of classic fantasy-themed enemies. For all purposes, the game plays like an MMORPG would on PC. Your character gains levels as they complete quests while other players do as well, and you can choose to group up to complete difficult dungeons and content. Groups are required for large bosses and dungeons and are easy to coordinate through the in-game UI. Other player interactions include a clan system and PVP battles, including clan versus clan interactions. These have just recently been added 

Managing your character is highly involved. Your gear has a rarity, grade, and an experience level. It can also be socketed with statistic-enhancing gems or merged with other gear to rank it up. Your skills can also be ranked up and are managed through a separate currency. Runes are another mechanic that can augment your power, as well as elixirs and battle pets. 

All these buffs are ultimately used to add to your Combat Power. This number is directly correlated to how much damage you do and is heavily influenced by the rarity of your gear. A character with a higher CP than the suggested average will not have any problems with the content. However, if your CP is at the average or lower, it may require some assistance. 

Overall, gameplay systems have a lot of depth and the game is heavily loaded with content. When you're "playing" the game you feel powerful and it is enjoyable to watch your character battle. However, the auto-quest system is a double-edged sword; it makes the game more accessible at the cost of involvement. The game basically plays itself. The tutorial system is also very heavy-handed and will teach you everything you need to know a few times over. 

Cost Analysis

Diamonds are the premium currency in L2R. Blue Diamonds cost $4.99 for a pack of 160. Red Diamonds are acquired through quests and are bought in a Blue Diamond bundle, in limited quantity. These Diamonds are used to purchase equipment(through loot boxes), equipment buffing items(through loot boxes), and their other currency, Adena. Adena can be used to buy health and mana potions, Soulshots which increase your damage output, and Megaphones that permit you to speak in world chat. Friendship Points, Topaz, and Loyalty Points are other alternate currencies gained through interacting with other players or making in-app purchases. 

It is also worth noting that the race you choose directly influences the type of loot you receive. Individual statistics are found easier on some races than others. This ultimately limits the player's potential class choices for those interested in staying competitive at high levels. 

The difficulty of the game is directly tied to the quality of your loot. The only loot I have found that was above Grade A(third lowest rank out of six) was found in premium loot boxes. Any and all cooldowns can be subverted through premium currency, which is nice but overbearing in how often it's encountered. 

The overall value on purchases made in the game is low. Making purchases is encouraged at a voracious level, and players who spend more than other players will have a large advantage. 

Aesthetics Analysis

L2R looks familiar to those who know similar popular MMOs such as Lineage 2, Tera, or Black Desert Online. Graphics are fit for mobile and customizable in more than a few ways. The robust settings menu is a very nice addition that allows this game to run on lower-end phones. The resolution can get blurry when enough entities are on the screen, but it doesn't hinder the experience. 

The UI leaves something to be desired. The screen is incredibly cluttered, and understandably so; even PC MMOs have a difficulty fitting everything onto one screen. Voice acting is prevalent and decently performed. 

Commitment Reward Analysis

Daily rewards are gigantic in L2R. There are multiple types of free loot boxes to gain per day, as well as multiple daily login rewards. You're also rewarded for playing a certain amount of time per day, which happens four times if you play for over 60 minutes. 

Daily quests are plentiful as well and include both world bosses and dungeons. Almost all cooldowns refresh daily at the minimum so keeping up with the game will reward you significantly. In-game events are also prevalent and give a little extra for those dedicated to completing them. 

Longevity Analysis

L2R has had a vibrant life in Asian markets since late 2016. Since its release worldwide Netmarble has made a huge promotional push, including conventions and Twitch sponsorships. 

Netmarble as a company is monolithic. It's one of the top ten largest companies in the world. Their other games are licensed from Disney and have had major support in the past. 

Overall Analysis

Lineage 2: Revolution has successfully captured the essence of the MMORPG on a mobile device. The core gameplay is compelling, and I had fun throughout my experience. Concessions made to mobile phone gaming conventions such as loot boxes, cooldowns, and auto-questing are a hindrance. These additions may entice some players but ultimately I believe they take away too much.

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