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Lord of Dungeons is a base building game released in January 2018 by Two Hands Games.

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Lord of Dungeons
Lord of Dungeons
Lord of Dungeons
Lord of Dungeons
Lord of Dungeons
Gameplay Analysis

Menu management is the name of the game in Lord of Dungeons. At its core, the game is about exploring the expansive map and reigning over your corresponding collection of dungeons. In order for you to explore these areas, you must recruit companions. There are three basic types of companions that you'll come across in the game; combat, explore, and station. Explore and station companions are assigned to different areas on the map and harvest resources for you. Companions are either assigned to an area to explore or a town/dungeon to increase maximum yield.

Combat companions are nice to have, but due to the nature of combat in this game, it's almost inconsequential. Combat is entirely automated. You pick a team of five companions(or four companions and one monster) and your NPCs run up against their NPCs and hit each other. It's entirely underwhelming, and the system is mostly there for you to recruit monsters or dungeons to your team. 

Other systems include a network feature that allows your combat team to explore other player's game worlds and harvest items from them. When you go on these explorations(called "Journeys"), time will pass in your game. That time will let the explore companions and dungeons accumulate Gold and items, which you collect after a certain number of "turns". 

Cost Analysis

The two main currencies in the game are Gold and Jewels.  Jewels are used to recruit companions and cost 30 Jewels each. You can earn Jewels for free through watching ads and you can gain 9 Jewels per day doing this, allowing you to recruit one companion every...four days or so. You also get one free recruitment per day. 

Gold is the second currency in the game and is available almost everywhere. It's a reward given for clearing and exploring areas, collecting reports, and supporting your town. Conversely, things that can be done in the game typically costs Gold. Leveling up your companions or monsters, expanding or upgrading their rank, expanding or upgrading your dungeons and quarries, and more.

The whole game is economy-focused. Collecting items and essences are required to progress and power up your monsters and companions.  

Aesthetics Analysis

Lord of Dungeons' art style is best compared to another game that we reviewed, Hyper Heroes. Characters are cute "chibi" cartoons of varying origin. Some are pigs, cats, and birds, but all of them are humanoid. Art assets in the overworld and combat arenas are quite beautiful. The menu looks slick and I have no qualms about it; it's even very clutterless, despite having a lot happening on the screen at once. Music is appealing and pleasant. 

Commitment Reward Analysis

There is a single login bonus that accumulates over 7 days. Sometimes you'll get currency or items, other times you'll get a free recruitment. Due to the nature of the game, the timers are always counting down, even when you aren't playing. However, these timers are only a few minutes in real time so logging out and logging back in to maximize value is seriously flawed. Having to reboot the app every time is loathsome. 

Longevity Analysis

Two Hands Games is a relatively unknown Korean company with no other games published. Their game has been released in South Korea since February 2017 and has seen relative success. Their future plans for the game are unknown. 

Overall Analysis

Overall, Lord of Dungeons is a basic base building game with very little substance. Upgrading companions is pretty fun, and their game is very fairly priced, but a lack of any combat system and odd timer management make it a strange game to recommend. If you like the art style and have a penchant for this genre, you may find something worth your time. 

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