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Battle your favorite Power Rangers in this mobile fighting game released in March 2017. Developed by nWay.

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Gameplay Analysis

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a 2D fighting game much like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. The game does not feature anywhere near the same strategy as those games. However, it does have a unique rock-paper-scissors style fighting mechanics. Unfortunately, that also leads to some issues for the meta.

There are three types of warriors; balanced, defensive, and attack. The warrior's style influences the type of attacks they may use. Balanced warriors are more likely to have strike moves, whereas defensive warriors will have more defensive moves, and attack warriors will have breaker moves. Fundamentally the different styles trump each other much like rock paper scissors. Defense moves counter striker moves, striker moves counter breaker moves, and breaker moves counter defense moves. Within the game, the moves are referred to as action cards.

The warrior selection is somewhat unique. Each player must select a leader, which will be the main character they use to fight. The player is also required to have two assists which can be used to help out the main fighter. There is a considerable variety of warriors to choose from with 73 possible warriors.

The combat is very much lacking, as the mechanics are straightforward. A player is given three action cards to choose from which have varying costs that drain the power meter which has a maximum of ten. Players refill their power meter over time when they aren’t using a move. Characters each have their unique action cards which are obviously influenced by their fighting style. The movement within the game is also very lacking, as players are unable to jump or switch sides of the arena. The only form of movement is left and right, and the arenas are very small. The other issue with combat is that the action cards are random, and very often the player will get stuck with moves which can cause problems at the start of the match. A player can often end up with all breaker moves, and the opponent may have all striker moves, which can cause the player to lose a ton of health from the start as they have no viable counter.

Assists are a fascinating aspect of the combat, as assists also have their moves that have a specific style. They essentially appear in place of an action card during combat and also feature a specific type of move. Assists also have health, as for a moment they will replace the leader in battle. When the assist joins the battle, they may be countered the same way as a regular action card. However, they can also be canceled by well-timed moves.

Regarding the meta, there is a ladder leaderboard as well as season resets to allow the leaderboard to change frequently. There are certain warriors who absolutely dominate competitive play. However, there are also competitive standard levels in place depending on the rarity of the warrior. There are also certain compositions of assists which are frequently seen paired together at the top of the leaderboard.

The game loses major points on the controls and connectivity issues with the game. Very often there are major connection issues which result in the game being automatically lost. There are also occasions where the player gets disconnected completely and is unable to rejoin the match. Finally, the controls are often unresponsive, as a player may have to tap several times on one action card for it to work, or swipe multiple times to get the warrior to move. It is unclear whether that is due to connection issues, or just non-intuitive controls.

Cost Analysis

The in-game shop features standard prices in comparison to other free to play games on the market. The main issue with the economy is the massive amount of warriors that are available, and all the materials which are needed to upgrade them. For a player to both unlock warriors and upgrade them is essentially unfeasible. There are two types of types of currency in the game; Power Coins and Power Crystals. There are many ways to obtain both currencies. There are ways to both earn and purchase the currencies.

Power Crystals can be purchased through the in-game shop, as well as earned through a daily Corruption Morph Box. Power Crystals are also given out through daily gifts. Another way for a player to obtain Power Crystals is through watching an advertisement. There are also daily and weekly missions that upon completion award the player with crystals. Power Crystals can be used for a variety of different actions. They are used to buy special offers instead of actual money, or power boxes and materials. They can also be used to open power boxes immediately rather than waiting for the unlock countdown to finish. Finally, crystals can be used to enter special challenges once the player reaches League 5.

Power Coins, on the other hand, are earned through a variety of different methods. The player may earn these coins by winning battles; there is, however, a daily limit on earning them through victories. There are also four power box slots which can be filled by earning a power box through a win. These power boxes take varying amounts of time to unlock. When unlocked a player is given coins and other materials. The final way for a player to obtain coins is through donations. As with the crystals, players may complete daily and weekly missions to acquire coins. Once players reach level 2, they unlock the ability to join an Alliance. Within this alliance, players can request and donate warriors. The player is awarded coins for donating Zeo Shards which are required to unlock and upgrade warriors. The final way to obtain Power Coins is purchasing them through the in-game store with Power Crystals. Power Coins are used to buy more warriors through the shop. They are also used to upgrade warriors and their abilities.

The economy is built on a pay to win model. Players who spend money have an automatic advantage as they have a better chance of unlocking stronger warriors, and they have more resources to upgrade their warriors. These resources which are more easily obtainable for players willing to spend money are called Orbs of Eltar, Zeo Shards, Alpha Shards, and Zord Parts.

Aesthetics Analysis

Aesthetically, the game is beautiful. The graphics are very impressive for a mobile game, and the scenery is gorgeous. There is the added bonus that the arenas feature locations from the actual Power Rangers universe.

The music within the game is very reminiscent of the Power Rangers theme song, however it gets very repetitive and is not something a player would like to listen to constantly. The combat sound effects are great as well, however the menu sound effects don’t add much to the game.

Finally, the menu is very clunky and difficult to navigate. It does not help that there are so many different menus, submenus, and areas to navigate around. The buttons on the menu are often very unresponsive and require extreme precision to actually press. Although the issues are minor details, they take away from the overall game experience.

Commitment Reward Analysis

The game does a great job at keeping players coming online and playing on a daily basis. There is a daily corruption box for players to obtain, as well as free rewards several times a day. The morph boxes also keep players coming back at regular intervals to unlock and open. Finally, there are daily and weekly missions that reward the player upon completion.

As the player progresses through the ladder into higher arenas, the rewards become better. They progress by winning battles which will award medals. However, a loss will also cause the player to lose medals. When entering a new league, Morph boxes start rewarding more materials. Victories start rewarding more gold, and the daily gold limit increases. These features motivate the player to continue playing and gaining more medals to reach these new leagues.

New warriors are constantly being released, and they are usually introduced along with a challenge which the player may participate in to unlock said warrior. nWay is also generous enough to provide free entry to each special challenge.

Longevity Analysis

The longevity of the game is in question, mainly because the player base is somewhat small in comparison to other free to play mobile games. The gameplay tends to get boring very quickly due to the lack of depth in the mechanics.

The universe of the game is ever expanding and features many different villains and rangers which could potentially be added to the game. On the flip side, considering the depth of the combat there is not much potential for unique characters as they are all very similar to each other.

The developer nWay is a very small company. They have previously released only one game which has been active since 2013. Due to the small sample size, it is difficult to predict how they intend to support Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Overall Analysis

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is worth trying out. However, it is the type of game that is repetitive and tends to become boring very quickly. The connectivity issues are also a major turn off for prospective players. If you are a huge power rangers fan, it is worthwhile. If you are a fan of games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, it is suggested you stay away from Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Regarding how the game could improve, they should consider revamping the Zord system. As well, nWay should consider adding more depth to the combat. This could be done by creating bigger arenas, allowing jumping, and allowing players to switch sides of the arena.

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