GamePress @ TwitchCon '17

It’s been an exhaustive but productive weekend for the GamePress Events Crew. Thank you, GamePress community, for helping send GamePress to TwitchCon 2017!

GamePress would like to thank the following mobile gaming developers for finding time in their busy TwitchCon schedule to talk with the GamePress community:

  • Cygames - Shadowverse
  • JaGeX - Runescape Mobile
  • Netmarble - Lineage II
  • NEXON - Titanfall: Assault, DomiNations, Durango
  • nWay - Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
  • Tencent - Arena of Valor

We’re now hard at work going through stacks of convention notes, photos, and footage. Please look forward to some exclusive mobile gaming content in the coming week, right here on GamePress.GG!

Finally, GamePress would like to thank, especially Twitch PR Director Chase, for giving GamePress the opportunity to cover TwitchCon 2017!