GBGW - Los Angeles Meet-Up and Previews

la meet up
  • Paint Customization Update news!
  • Preview of a new Gundam?  Upgraded Artemis?
  • A new AR feature is being added!

Hey there, Pilots! We've got some hot info for you from the meet-up in Los Angeles, California which included players, developers, and people responsible for their great anime!  Gamepress' own MNBrian took some excellent photos while attending the event detailing some awesome features we knew about, and some we didn't.

But before that we've got a few excerpts from the Q&A held with the developers:

  • Will the game ever feature Master Grade Parts? Possibly.
  • Will there be PvP with friends in the future? We get tons of those questions and this is not an easy one. It was a popular request today so we will take it back!
  • Are there any plans on introducing a trade system? This is a difficult one, because of global laws, but possibly.
  • Would there be an item in the future to raise an EX Skill? We are looking into what we can do, in order to do something along these lines. 
  • What about horizontal gameplay?  This one is a hard one too, but we want to do this because a lot of people want landscape mode. Please keep giving us lots of feedback on this and it will move higher on the list.

There's no real guarantee in anything said, but the overall takeaway here should be that the developers are very receptive to player feedback.  They are definitely interested in trying to explore other avenues for us to enjoy the game, or progress, and we should absolutely be vocal about what we want to see in a constructive way.


This is the main thing that most players have been absolutely raving about, and I'm no exception.  From what we got to see in the photos, it looks like we've got an entirely new aspect of painting to learn and master, and it looks unreal incredible.  Don't just believe me, though...

color 1color 2color 3

Here we can't actually see the slider bars but we can see the huge selection of colors.  There are five different slider options, base and luminous colors, preset options, pattern customization, or free customization.  What I assume that is, is that you can actually choose from the palettes obtained through collections, or just make your own! This is definitely all we wanted in color customization options, and likely more!


That's right, we have an AR feature making its way to the game.  This is something that wasn't even remotely on my own radar, but I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with.

Okay, this has grown on me.

Not only are we going to pose and snap photos of our favorite Gunpla in our everyday lives, there's a host of features being added like the ability to toggle certain Parts on or off to get that perfect look.  They're also allowing and enabling us to post directly to social media accounts to share our builds (and new paint jobs :D) to all of our friends and followers! It looks like it'll be in addition to the current photo studio and in the same place, just with more and more features to help us achieve that dream Gunpla scene!


One final thing I've got here was the last image that MNBrian shared with me, and this is some awesome preview action.

Artemis/Destiny/F91 kitbash?

This look so good.  The image on the right looks like an upgraded variant of the main character's Gunpla from the storyline, Artemis, bashed with some Destiny wings and some cleverly-modified F91 arms.  This thing looks super beastly and I want it.  The panel on the right, however, looks like we've got some unfinished storyboard in the works, likely for Chapter 9 of the main story. 

Very awesome stuff!  Hopefully we'll have some more news really soon about the next update, and I'm sure it's only going to get better!


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