Gears POP! Announced by Microsoft at E3

  • Real-time multiplayer mobile game features Clash Royale-esque gameplay
  • Releases later this summer

Big announcements are nothing new at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – the massive convention going on right now in Los Angeles, California. But what is new is the official announcement about Gears POP being ready to go later this Summer.

Gears POP is a real-time multiplayer mobile game that features characters in a Funko art style from the Gears of War franchise. Build a squad of strong characters as you collect these cartoony recreations, and pit them against opponents in a real-time battle engagement with explosions.

As gameplay goes, it almost looks like a cartoony top-down paintball course, with micro-walls separating the two sides of the screen. The gameplay feels a little bit like a mix of a tower defense game. You set your characters on your half of the screen and let them sprint (or swagger) to the other side taking fire from defensive units and massive towers. It looks really interesting as a game because of how strategic a game like this can be in vs gameplay.

At E3, Microsoft announced they would be allowing pre-orders on the game and that it would officially release in late Summer. To pre-order on Android devices, use the link below. 

Gears POP! on AndroidGears POP! on Facebook

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