Genshin Impact: Unreconciled Stars Part 2

Genshin Impact: Unreconciled Stars Part 2


Hello Travelers! Part 2 of the Unreconciled Stars Event, namely Star of Deceitful Dreams, officially started today. If Part 1 functioned as an introduction to our mission that involves the discovery of weird meteors that suddenly fell from the sky, Part 2 is a full immersion, where we have several issues with brute force.

Star of Deceitful Dreams

The first few tasks of Star of Deceitful Dreams are simple “go from point A to point B” sessions, where we continue to travel with Fischl, meet with Scaramouche for the first time, and ask Mona for help in what is the focal point of Part 2. Thanks to her powers, the astrologist is able to track Meteorite Strike Zones. You can find Mona here after completing the main Quest


The Meteorite Strike Zone, as its name implies is a spot where you can find a giant meteorite. By touching it, you can start a battle session that reminds Ley Lines for how it’s structured, as you have to defeat various enemies divided in waves. The main difference compared to Ley Lines is that defeating opponents fills a bar that appears on top of your screen once you start the fight, which ends when the bar is fully filled. However, be careful, for the whole duration of the battle you’ll be surrounded by a barrier. If you cross it, your bar will rapidly start emptying, and defeating opponents outside of the barrier won’t fill it.

Completing the challenge will reward you with Fading Star’s Might, one of this Event’s currencies that you can trade for items in the Event shop, that you can find here.

There are three different difficulties you can select when you touch the Meteorite Strike Zone, the harder the stage is the more rewarding it will be.


To collect all the items in the Event shop - which is recommended, but don’t buy the “500 Mora” stocks  -, you’ll need 1966 Fading Star’s Might in total. This Part of the event last 5 days, during which you’ll be able to gain 900 Resin in total through free recharge. 

  • If you always clear the hardest stage, you’ll be able to gain 2025 Fading Star’s Might, which is more than enough to buy all the items in the shop. 
  • If you’re only able to clear the level 65 stage - 1800 Fading Star’s Might in 5 days - you should buy all the EXP Books and Mora stocks - 1750 Fading Star’s Might required. 
  • If you’re only able to clear the level 55 stage - 1575 Fading Star’s Might in 5 days -, you should buy all the EXP Books stocks first - 750 Fading Star’s Might - and then Mora.

In all cases, using 20 Resin for Meteorite Strike Zones is much more convenient than completing Ley Lines, so you should take advantage of this Event.

There are also a few objectives you can clear by just completing the stages.


And there are various tasks that won’t require more than 30 minutes of your time to complete.


The total amount of Primogems you can get from Part 2 is 360.

To Wrap It Up

Finally, we got to the juicy part of the Event, what do you think about it? Did it meet your expectations, or is it underwhelming in your opinion? We'd love to hear about that from you in the comments below!


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