Geonosian Territory Battle Restrictions Removed This Week in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes November 2-8, 2019


Geonosian Territory Battle Restrictions Removed Pending Missing Button Bug Fix

November Developer Q&A

Darth Malak Returns Sucessfully

The New GAC Season Begins 

Geonosian Territory Battle Restrictions Removed Pending Bug Fix

CG recently announced that the missing bug glitch has been associated with characters that create turn meter gain and singled out Dooku specifically.  In the same press release they announced that they would be removing all restrictions on TB special missions and combat missions given their high reliance on Count Dooku and the Sepratist Faction.  Players are ecstatic that they can get more GET2 currency this time around without the characters usually required, but many players seem to be missing the point of lifting the restrictions as social media platforms are filled with posts of the missing button glitch with Dooku still in the party.  While Count Dooku is still a powerful character for this TB, and the glitch is not a 100% given if Dooku is present, you should use him at your own risk. The lifted restrictions do not fix the bug, but open up the TB to other less risky options. Happy Wat Shards Day!

Developer Q&A

The developer Q&A took less of a look at spoilers and new features, but instead it took a closer look at the development process itself.  Here are the tidbits I found most interesting:

Q: Can you add the ability to remove squads during the setup phase of GAC (and TW)? That way if you accidentally select the wrong toon or realize a different strategy, you can fix your mistake?

  • A: CG_SvenGG - I do this to myself all the time and feel terrible about it in TW. So it's high up in the list of quality of life improvements we want to make soon!

  • A: CG_Vyeking - This is on our list of updates to GAC we are investigating for our next client release. The current implementation is punishing and needs to be fixed.

I am so glad this is on the docket for the next QOL update, as there are several times I’ve regretted defensive decisions as well.  WIth luck this will be extended to TW as well giving Guild leaders the option to correct for errors.

Q: Could you explain the priorities of which character goes first in case of bonus turns (or big TM bonuses). For example if Anakin and Padmé get a bonus turn, why can Malak go in between them if Anakin hits him?

  • A: CG_Vyeking - I think CG_Fugitive is better equipped to answer this one

  • A: CG_Fugitive - Bonus turns have priority over standard Turn Meter gain (both from natural Speed and from effects that grant Turn Meter).
    - When multiple units are at 100% Turn Meter due to natural Speed or standard Turn Meter gain, the game randomly selects one of them to go next.
    - When multiple units are at 100% Turn Meter due to being granted a bonus turn, the game randomly selects one of them to go next.
    - When only a single unit is at 100% Turn Meter due to being granted a bonus turn and other units are at 100% Turn Meter from other methods, the unit with the bonus turn will always act next.

    Darth Malak can act before Padmé Amidala because both Malak and Padmé are being granted bonus turns, so the game randomly selects one of them to go next

Q: I’ve noticed that some, but not all, of Geonosian Brood Alpha’s stats are shared with the summoned Geonosian Brute.For example, health and offense seem to be shared, but critical damage and tenacity do not.Can you clarify please how Geonosian Brute’s stats are determined?Which of GBA’s stats are actually shared?How does changing the gear level of GBA affect the summoned Brute?

  • A: CG_Fugitive - Geonosian Brute's gear level and rarity are determined by Geonosian Brood Alpha (e.g. Brood Alpha is 6 star with gear level 11, the Brute will be 6 star with gear level 11). These grant it stats based on gear and stat tables we've set up for summoned units. On top of the stats it gains from these gear and stat tables, Geonosian Brute's Speed, Health, Physical Damage, Armor, and Resistance are increased by a percentage of Geonosian Brood Alpha's relative stats. Increasing the gear level and rarity of Geonosian Brood Alpha will increase the stats that Geonosian Brute has on its own, as well as increase the amount of additional Speed, Health, Physical Damage, Armor, and Resistance that Brute receives from Brood Alpha.

Malak Returns Successfully

Following two unsuccessful attempts at the third edition of the Malak event, Malak has returned with no game breaking bugs or need for rollbacks.  I hope this means that many players who were close were able to finish their preparations and get this powerful and iconic character.

The New GAC Season Begins

Grand Arena Championships (GAC) are back and this month’s edition features ships and First Order themed achievements.  This GAC has also given many players who unlocked General Skywalker ample time to prepare him and his team, so be sure to check out the guide to General Skywalker Soft Counters which can be found here:


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