2022 Summer 2 "The Wave Wrangler" Guides & Event Info

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GFL's Summer 2022 Event "The Wave Wrangler" features four full stages, keeping to the pattern of the preceding Halloween and Christmas Events.
This is actually a new event, instead of a re-re-rerun of the original Summer Event. It features more summer themed enemies, and some new conviences, such as the built in farming routes for every map.  

Map Guides will be released later on July 5/6th, as we have time to verify everything still behaves as Soul expects it too. 

No Official PV this time unforunately. 

The Wave Wrangler has the T-Doll Rescue Welfare system that has been around since the White Day Event to somewhat ease the pressure of farming for Dolls and providing a bit of extra incentive to do your daily runs. This is done via the unlocked farming routes on each map. 

While farming enemies and S-ranking stages can drop limited T-Dolls as usual, each battle or S-rank clear in the event will award either a Nova Medal or Platinum Medal.

5★ T-Dolls will cost x500, while 4★ T-Dolls will cost x400.

Medals can also be used to purchase Strawberry Custard Cakes, costing x5 or x5 each. (Limit 200 cakes)

As is the case with previous seasonal events, the enemies changed into seasonal outfits - this time, hilariously enough, the KCCO military units.

Sadly there are fewer reskins this time, but Recce Centers have doned a new outfit, and some Cyclops got a new coat of paint. 

Event Stages & Clear Guides

This event can be easily completed by all Commanders within its duration. The stages start off very easy, scaling up to eventually offer a decent challenge by the final map. A new Commander who takes advantage of the rewards from the 2.09 client update and older new player rewards will be able to clear the event by the end. 

The map clear guides can be seen below! 

Event Shop

Event Stage clears award Star Marker x10-15, up to x60 per day. They can be used in an event shop featuring a variety of goodies that are useful for all Commanders.

This time the shop's main feature is PM-5's beach costume, purchasable for x150

Soaring Starfish



Farming Guides

As farming routes as now attached to the maps, farming routes can be found on the clear guides for each mission. Detailed farming comps are coming soon. 

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