Adeline "Black Nyto" (Protocol Assimilation)


Level 100 5★ -> Level 100 5★ Maximum Potential

HP 1033→1033 Evasion 87→101
Damage 889→911 Rate of Fire 72→82
Accuracy 147→159 Armor 0
Critical Rate 40% Critical Damage 150%
Armor Pen 180 Move Speed 15

Tile and Formation Buff

Unlike G&K Dolls, Ringleaders provide their Buffs to any unit in the Echelon that is tagged appropriately, making positioning less important. Instead, they operate via a series of 'Tags'. 

Unit Type All
Effects Base Max Analysis
Rate of Fire 12% 20%
Unit Type T-Doll
Effects Base Max Analysis
Damage 6% 10%
Accuracy 6% 10%

Team Building Notes

Take the Boss as enemy on the final fight versus Boss becoming your ally meme, then downgrade it on both sides (because, sincerely, Black Nyto isn't a particularly hard Boss to kill on Story). That pretty much sums up Adeline as a Ringleader.

Memes aside, Black Nyto was built to make it seem like MICA tried to make her a combo unit (to be paired with White Nyto) but forgot that only one Ringleader can be fitted per Coalition Echelon.

If White Nyto had a special ability to let her field Adeline in her Echelon (which would be canonically correct), she could have a niche as a sort of SPEQ to White Nyto. Sadly, MICA did no such thing.


Silent Epitaph
ICD: 6 seconds
Level 10 Effect

Passive: Damage dealt by Adeline is evenly distributed among each of her target's Dummies. If an enemy has a Black Mark and a White Mark on them, Adeline's attack detonates them, removing them and dealing 2x guaranteed explosive damage that ignores armor.
Active: For 6 seconds, Black Marks on the enemy will not be removed by detonation and all enemy units have their accuracy and evasion reduced by 30%. While this skill is in effect, prioritize enemy units with no Dummies. After 1 seconds of aiming, deal 2.5x guaranteed damage that is reduced by armor and can score critical hits.

Peak Value Analysis 4: Increase guaranteed damage to 3.0x (Cooldown: 16 seconds)
Descending Epitaph
ICD: 0s
Level 10 Effect Support echelons within a 3-node radius. During battle, prioritize units with no Black Marks on them and deal 1x guaranteed explosive damage that ignores armor. This also applies a Black Mark on them which lasts 3 seconds. (Cooldown: 2 seconds)
Level 5 Effect If Adeline misses an attack, she applies a Black Mark to her target and increases self damage by 20% for 3 seconds.
Pronouncement of Death
Level 5 Effect When on the field, Adeline does 10% extra damage to targets that bear Black or White Marks.
Skill animation


Nyto Black, Blyto, or Adeline, is the first Paradeus unit to join the Protocol Assimilation Pool, and doesn’t exactly put in a good showing. Her kit is designed to synergize with the White Nyto, which undercuts her abilities at launch, as she arrived before White Nyto, and if not supported by the other Nyto. 

However, even when she gets her partner’s synergy, she’s still bad. 

Unlike most other Ringleaders, Adeline does not have a multi-hit attack, and does not struggle against Armor, thanks to a 180 Armor Pen stat and her impressive base attack. Her relatively low Rate of Fire is unfortunate, but is not going to be a major impediment to her abilities. Her high base Accuracy renders her Skill 3, Quietus, almost entirely pointless as it requires her to miss to apply the Debuff and buff herself, and the odds of her missing are extremely small against almost any enemy. This means that Adeline’s gimmick is almost entirely useless. 

This likewise devalues her Skill 4, as it requires a Black or White Mark to do anything. 

The final nail on Adeline’s coffin is the strange mechanics of her Skill 1. The ‘Damage is distributed amongst target dummies’ is purely a bit of flavor text as this simply translates to Adeline does her base Damage to the target. This may have some marginal value bypassing link protection but ultimately doesn’t achieve much of anything besides making the skill text, and my analysis longer than strictly required. There is one quirk to this, as this split happens after Armor reduces Damage so she is not as impacted by Armor as other Multi-hit units. If by some trick of fate you manage to get a Black Mark on an enemy, or are using White Nyto has a HOC, the explosions will deal respectable damage, and the Active component does have a useful debuff. The targeting change is neat, as it will allow her to focus fire on bigger targets like Striders or Doppelsoldners, but the Bamboo shot is not worth it, and, using Adeline against these enemies is ill advised regardless. 

Adeline’s biggest value is that she has a base cost of 8, instead of 10, allowing for a slightly beefier backline to hard carry her to victory. 

As a HOC:

As a three range, single Target HOC without the ability to pierce force shields, Adeline’s biggest value comes in her relatively fast fire rate, at least by Coalition HOC standards. However, she opts to spread her Damage out prioritizing targets that do not have a layer of ‘Black Mark’, which means she is likely to simply hit a unit and leave them moderately damaged, instead of finishing them off. If you need an additional Damage kick, Adeline is nice to have, but is not likely to be a first choice.

Skill Priority

Silent Epitaph
ICD: 6 seconds

No Priority

This Skill requires a Black Mark to be applied for much of it to take effect, and the Bamboo shot is not worth raising it.
Descending Epitaph
ICD: 0s

No Priority

While the most worthwhile of Adeline’s Skills her abilities as a HOC are subpar, thus limiting the value of this Skill

No Priority

As it’s so unlikely to apply the Black Mark, this skill is genuinely a waste of your training data.
Pronouncement of Death

No Priority

Due to the mechanics of the Black Mark, this skill is functionally worthless.

Peak Value Analysis

Potential Level Effect
1 Tile Buff Improved (RoF from 12% to 20% and Damage and Accuracy from 6% to 10%)
2 Damage +22, Accuracy +12
3 Evasion +14, Rate of Fire +10
4 Skill 1 Improved, see Skill description.

Rank Up Costs

Level Petri Dish Rarity
70 300 ★★★★
90 450 ★★★★★
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