Artillery Fairy

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Craft Time
3 hours 35 minutes

Potential Buffs

Damage 55.00%
Evasion 56.00%
Armor 6.00%


Bombard Command
Level 10 Effect
Cost: 3 Fairy Commands

In the next battle launch a mortar shell that deals 1200 damage to enemies within a radius of 2.5.

Cooldown: N/A


Artillery Fairy, also known as Mortar Fairy, has the highest damage buff of all fairies.

Damage tends to be more useful than critical damage against armored enemies as damage buffs are applied before enemy armor, but critical damage buffs are applied afterwards.

For example, with a 50% damage buff and 50% critical damage buff on a 100 damage AR against a 90 armor target, the 50% damage buff will make the final damage 60 (100 * 1.5 = 150, 150 - 90 = 60) on non-crit and the 50% critical damage buff will make the final damage 22.5 on critical hits (100 - 90 = 10, 10 * (1.5 (base crit multiplier) * 1.5 (critical damage buff)) = 22.5)

Also, grenades benefit from damage buffs whereas they don't benefit from critical damage buffs.

In short, high damage buffs are very good.

Her active skill however, is nothing special. It's 1200 damage in a 2.5 radius after 5 seconds. It's an okay supplement, it just comes in a bit later then desired, has a small range, and costs 3 fairy points. It's not really worth the fairy points unless you're just looking to get rid of your fairy points or need a little extra damage to kill the enemy.

Artillery / Mortar Fairy is taken for her damage aura, and she is one of the most important fairy auras. Prioritize getting one to 5*.

I recommend taking Fervor talent on her.

Here is a demonstration of how her skill works: