"Bitter Reunion" Speed Run Event

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12/27 Update: The final score rankings are out! Check out the Top Runs section for videos of the #1 through #5 contestants. 

12/4 Update: Sniper Fairy cheese strategy added for players that want the participation reward but don't have an echelon capable of taking down M16A1 (No skill training required, but SL3/4 speeds it up quite a bit). Also added more example runs. 

11/16 Update: FAQ has been updated to include more questions. A sample run has also been included. 

The folks over at Girls' Frontline Corner have prepared another Speed Run Event for players to try during Singularity!

The entry requirements are much lower this time around, so most players should be eligible for this. In fact, if you can clear the campaign, this event will be doable!

The fastest clears will receive very generous Gem rewards, while any player who submits a valid run will earn tons of goodies including 30 TokensMemory Fragments, and Training Data, so give it a try!

This map should be doable for any player that has adequately-equipped Level 90 x5 teams.

The full event details are included below.

Event Rules and Details

Participants should provide all the information needed in the Google form below.

Submission Form:

Some of the information submitted will be visible via the doc below.

Submissions Sheet:

Check out the original Reddit Post!

Event Strategies

Editor's Note: I placed 1st the last time this event was held; while I may or may not participate in this upcoming event, I'll share any strategies I come across on this page.

Stay tuned over the course of the event for updates!

12/4 update: Added Sniper Fairy cheese strategy. 

Sample Run

Sample Run 2
Sample Run (No Fairy)
Sniper Fairy Cheese

Discovered by Assassin Eclipse#3274, all this requires are some echelons capable of dispatching the armored KCCO units on the map and one Sniper Fairy (preferably Skill leveled somewhat to reduce the amount of time needed).

Simply slam an unsupplied echelon with Sniper Fairy into M16A1 over and over until she's dead (# of runs = 120,000HP / damage-per-sniper-fairy-shot). Guarantees the participation reward and takes less than 30 minutes!

Number of Fairy Points needed to kill M16A1
Sniper Fairy SL # of Fairy Points Needed
1 96
2 60
3 44
4 36
5 30
6 24
7 20
8 16
9 14
10 12

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Do I need to S rank for the run to be valid?

No, you only need to clear the map for the run to be valid.

Can I kill normal enemies with the NPC M4A1?


Can the NPC M4A1 is set to standby in turn 2?

No, you should set NPC M4A1 to "Standby" on turn 1 as you are not allowed to use her in any capacity.

Is sound required in the run?

No, since there is a sound recording problem with Android devices.

My device is not very good - will loading times count against my run?

For now, loading times will count. If this becomes a severe problem, the event organizers may do something about it.

Can Parachute Fairy and Reinforcement Fairy be used if I do not activate their Skills?

No, a run with those fairies will be DQ'd even if their Skills were not activated.

Are keybindings allowed?

Yes, keybindings are allowed.

Will I be penalized for retreating T-Dolls during battle or allowing T-Dolls to die?

No, the penalty only applies to anything that counts as a "loss" in the battle results screen.

What if I get an unskippable limited T-Doll drop cutscene during my run?

Congratulations! You are one lucky commander. Unfortunately, that will still count against your time. 

Can you share a list of bugs that aren't allows, so we know not to exploit them?

Nice try. The bugs are hard to accidentally exploit, so the typical participant need not worry about it.

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