Bug Hunting Program Information

Submit Feedback or Error

How to Submit a Bug Report

1. Take a screenshot of the error (if applicable).  Quote of the incorrect text will also work if applicable.

2. On the page where the error/feedback is, click on the "Submit Feedback or Error" link. 

Click on the link circled in red.

3. On the feedback message, please structure your feedback like so:

            [Bug or Feedback][Discord ID][ (Message here).

4. Write a description of the bug or feedback under, "Page Title."

5. Submit feedback.  If using a screenshot/picture, please provide the URL of it.

What Constitutes Proper Bug Reports?

The following is information that should be submitted on the form for debugging purposes. Some of the below fields may not be necessary since the feedback system auto-populates the page it’s on. Keep in mind that if there’s an issue that’s consistent on many pages, having the option to list them all may be worth incorporating or noting for community. For these errors, please refrain from reporting an issue that’s wrong all times it’s displayed on the site, and understand that it will only ever count as a single ‘entry’.

Types of Reports


  • Text: Grammar, Spelling or Incorrect Information in Analysis or Guides. Note: Not all T-dolls will have full analyses, but all t-dolls SHOULD have an overview.  Missing recommended items, pros/cons, etc. are not a bug.  

  • Database: Stats, Skills, or other Information Incorrect or missing

  • Graphics: Banners, T-Dolls, Skill Icons, or other Images are incorrect, low res or broken

  • Links: Incorrect Linking to other Content both on or off the GamePress site

  • Structure: Bad tables, poor formatting or incorrect guide elements

  • Display: Visual issues with the page that are unique to a certain view. Browser specific or device specific issues. Please include Mobile, Desktop or Tablet, along with browser and models used, if applicable.


  • Templating Suggestions
  • Content Suggestions
    • Guides
    • Analysis

    • Other

Report Examples


AK-47's Crit Rate is incorrect.

Feedback/Report Message:

[Bug][DiscordID#0000] AK-47 has a higher dmg than she is supposed to have.  It is listed as 35 but should be 53.  

More Examples of Reports

  1. AK-12 is missing an Overview

  2. Lee-Enfield Recommended Accessory Links to Wrong Page

  3. Banner for Holiday Event doesn’t scale on Opera Browser


What the 'fixed' result will display. When necessary, include an in-game screenshot to validate expected claim. For text and grammar, include the full string of text.


  1. AK-47’s Critical Rate is 20%. [screenshot attached]

  2. Lee-Enfield’s Recommended Accessory is properly linked. Correct link is: <>

  3. Banner is cropped correctly. [no screenshot necessary here!]

Giveaway Information

Note that these policies are only applicable to the Pilot Program and may be subject to change based on results.

Giveaway Rules

  • Only the first submission for each new feedback/bugfix will be counted for points.
  • Each valid submission (Feedback/Bugfix report) is worth one point.
  • Feedback is limited to one entry per day to avoid spam.
  • Points will be tallied at the end of the program period. 
  • 5 winners will be chosen monthly from a raffle with each point counting for an entry.
  • Winners will be announced the day after the program period.

Current Prizes 

Please note prize pool is subject to increase in quantity and quality if participation milestones are met (TBA).

  • 2x Discord Nitro (1 Month)
  • 3x Discord Classic (1 Month)

Current Program Period

November 22, 2019 to December 31st 2019

If there are any further clarifications required or inquiries, please message me on discord at Hakurai#1379.