Chapter 10-4N: The Battlefield without Her IV

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Possible Drops:


Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Kill 12 Enemies AND Defeat Gager

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  3-4 Combat Echelons
    • 2 AR/SMG
    • 1 RF/HG - Taunt Fairy is recommended but not required. 
    • 1 Bossing Echelon - Optional, can retreat a regular AR/SMG to perform this duty
  • 2 Dummy Echelons
  • 1 HOC
    • 2B14 recommended

Clear Steps

While this map features two objectives, they run concurrently without to much issue. While previous night maps would throw a painful gimmick or trick into the mix, this one forgoes any of those things, leaving us with a straight forward search and destroy mission with a Boss kill at the end. There isn't much to say about this one. There are some more lurking Dinergate combos, but a strong AR/SMG squad can easily overpower them with a bit of kiting. 

If you want, you can do this map with fewer Echelons, but it will introduce a degree of RNG to the run, so attempt at your own risk.

Turn 1


Deploy an AR/SMG Echelon on the regular Heliport, and a RF/HG on the Heavy Heliport.


Move the RF/HG Echelon up two nodes. 


Deploy a 3 Range HOC, 2B14 recommended, on the Heavy Heliport. 


Move the AR/SMG Echelon to the left one node, and up one node. 


Deploy a second AR/SMG on the Heliport and end your turn.

Turn 2


Move the second AR/SMG to the left one node. 


The second AR/SMG should continue to the left two nodes to occupy the Radar. 


Move the first AR/SMG to the left two nodes to the One Time Supply Node. Do NOT resupply at this time. 


Move the first AR/SMG Echelon down one node. 


Move the RF/HG Echelon to the left two nodes. 


Deploy a Dummy Echelon on the Heliport. 


Move the HOC to the left one node. End your turn.

Turn 3


Deploy a second Dummy Echelon on the Heavy Heliport. 


Move the second AR/SMG to the left one node. 


Move the first AR/SMG up to the Supply Box. Resupply at this time. 


Move the first AR/SMG down and to the left one node each. 


Move the RF/HG to the left one more node. 


Move both AR/SMG Echelons to the right one node. End your turn.

Turn 4


Deploy a Boss killing Echelon on the isolated Heliport. If you don't have a third AR/SMG Echelon handy, retreat one of your existing Combat Teams and redeploy them to engage Gager. 

Gager is mechanically identical to her Artic Warfare self, although with quite a bit more HP. Move your Echelon into an X formation at the start of the battle to ease dodging her charges. This is a DPS race, and Gager is unlikely to win it. 

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