Chapter 11-6: Underworld

Article by Soulmuse Marie
S-Rank Clear Guide for Chapter 11-6 of the Girls' Frontline Story, "Underworld"
Table of Contents

Possible Drops:


Mission and Clear Conditions:

Mission: Capture Command Post

S-Rank Condition: 8 kills in 2 Turns

Thank you to @Owls#1086 for help with Clear Condition Translations

Clear Guide:

 Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Combat Echelons
    • Both Echelons should be able to fight Doppelsoldners without the assistance of HOC. Carcano 91/38 comes highly recommended for this purpose. 

 Clear Steps

In spite of appearances, this map is a straight forward smash and grab. The vast majority of it can be ignored, as all we need to do is run up, and blast the way to the Command Post. Bring units capable of fighting Doppels without HOC, and mind the Rodels, and this map is over in a snap.

Turn 1


Deploy Combat Echelons on the Command Post and the Heliport near it. Both these Echelons should be able to engage Doppels. Send the first Echelon up two nodes, left one node, and down one node. You’ll engage the Doppel on Enemy phase. 


Move the other Combat Echelon up two nodes.

Turn 2


Move the other Combat Echelon up one node, left, then swap with the first Combat Echelon. Move left, up, left, up, and left once again. Mind the Doppel, and victory will be yours.

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