Chapter 11 S-Rank Clear Guides


Chapter 11 picks up the story of Girl's Frontline directly after the events of Singularity and Continuum Turbulence, and marks the first appearance of the new Paradeus enemies in permanent story missions.

The exact mechanics of Strelets, Doppelsoldners, Uhlans, and Rodeleros are showcased in the table below. 

If you've been around for the last few events (including Theater), these enemies may already be familiar!

Enemy Skills Description



A standard enemy with offensive stats similar to SF Rippers, but Strelets are much tankier in comparison.

They deal low damage per hit and have low accuracy.



Rodeleros are lightly armored enemies that move at a normal speed. Are often shielded.

Once in range, Rodeleros will charge up then leap to the horizontally closest T-Doll, launching a laser that damages the entire row the T-Doll is in.

The laser is easily dodged and can be baited by moving a T-Doll to the front column, causing all Rodeleros to fire on that T-Doll's row.


Missile Barrage

Doppelsöldners, also known as "doppels" or "gundams", are slow-moving and heavily armored enemies who are often shielded.

Their regular attacks are missiles that deal AoE damage multiplied by the number of target dummy links, so a 20 damage missile will deal 100 damage to a 5-link T-Doll.

To make matters worse, their devastating Skill can activate 10 seconds after battle start, where the Doppelsöldners fire a barrage of missiles at pretty much the entire player side of the field for huge amounts of damage. Doppelsöldners are extremely dangerous if not dealt with in a timely manner.




Uhlans are armored tanks that behave a lot more like real tanks than the KCCO Typhons seen in Singularity. Are often shielded.

Uhlans move slowly and have a fairly negligible normal attack, but they have two very powerful skills.

Ramming (6s ICD): Targets two tiles in front of itself then literally runs over the targeted area, dealing massive damage to any T-Dolls caught in the AoE.

Blast (10s ICD): Launches 2 missiles with 1.5 radius, dealing massive damage to any T-Dolls caught in the AoE.

Besides new enemies, Chapter 11 features puzzles and map gimmicks heavily along with expecting players to make use of the HOC units introduced prior to CT, both for installation destruction, and fighting enemies with force shields.

Commanders should prepare at least 2 Echelons capable of fighting Doppelsolders prior to attempting this chapter, should they intend to aim for S-Rank clears. Carcano M91/38 can make this easy.

Chapter 11 Clear Guides

Chapter 11 Emergency Guides

Following the same trend as other later story stages, Chapter 11 Emergency maps are no longer harder versions of normal stages!

The maps are expansive and relatively complex on top of being stuffed full of threatening Paradeus mobs, so it is highly advised for players to tread with caution.

11-5 Corpse Drag

Chapter 11-5 is a popular corpse dragging map to farm EXP and Cores as a 0-2 alternative

Check out the below video from Ceia for a comprehensive guide!

11-5 is the "next step up" from 0-2, however it does so in a backwards manner.


  1. Able to level 4 dolls at once, without a level penalty
  2. 11-5 has a 45% core drop rate per run compared to 40% core drop rate per run in 0-2
  3. Able to do no tank run if you buff your DPS high enough


  1. Only SOP MOD 3 is viable with a lower amount of buffers
  2. Wanna use 416/FAL/G3 MOD 3? You need to bring 3+ buffers & 20%+ FP fairies to pass the Black Goliath DPS check

With the above considered, 0-2 is still the better EXP farming spot when compared to 11-5.

10-4E vs 11-5

Stop comparing 10-4E with 11-5, it's like comparing apples and oranges. 10-4E is a core farming map, while 11-5 is an EXP farming map.

Other Guides

The folks over at Girls' Frontline Corner have also made Chapter 11 clear guides!

If you'd like some alternative clear routes or a more infographic-focused experience, please check them out!

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