Chapter 12-1: Rein Buckle

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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Gold Medal: Defeat 3 Enemies and step onto 2 Radars to Capture the middle 3 Radars
Silver Medal: Don’t fight anything and step onto 2 Radars to Capture the middle 3 Radars

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 ARSMGs
    • Taunt/Twin/Airstrike Fairies recommended
    • High Burst Damage ARs recommended for the Goliath
      • Don't be Soul and forget to put Crit Scopes on your ARs
  • 2 Dummies
  • Optional: 1 HOC (2B / M2 / AGS) for fighting SWAP Units

Clear Steps

Chapter 12 starts off with a relatively easy challenge once you get past all the nonsense happening on the screen.
In order to activate the SOPMODs in the middle, you will need to step on the Radars scattered about the map. Due to the way capture mechanics work, it is not necessary to step on all three, and despite appearances, most of this map is visual flare making the clear much easier than first glance might suggest. 

Turn 1


Deploy one Combat Echelon each on the right Heliports, a Dummy on the Command Post, and a Dummy on the lower-left Heliport. 

Move your top Combat Echelon right two nodes.
It will engage SWAP Units, so if you think you need fire support, move only one node to the right, then
spawn a HOC (2B / M2 / AGS) on the Heavy Heliport next to your Echelon before moving on.

Move your middle Dummy left one node and then up one node onto the Device.


Operate the Device to open the 2nd Gate so that the Red Goliath can move freely, then end your turn.

It is important to open the Gates on the left first. 
If you open the Gates on the right first, the Device on the left will become unresponsive.

Turn 2


Open Gate 1 and 3.


Move your left Dummy up 4 nodes onto the Radar.

For some reason, standing on a Radar makes you invisible to Goliaths, so your Dummy Echelon is completely safe while standing on the Radar. 


Move your middle Dummy down one node, right two nodes and up onto the 2nd Device.


Use the Device to open the Gates on the right and end your turn.

Turn 3


Move your top Combat Echelon left 1 node and your bottom Combat Echelon right one node then end your turn.

Turn 4

I hope you prayed to the RNG gods, because it is possible that the mission ends on this turn! If you're unlucky, it will take a little bit longer.

Please consult the position of the Regular Goliath (Grey/Black) on the right side. If it is below the Radar, you got lucky and can finish the mission this turn. 

If there is a Red Goliath below the Radar, you need to wait a turn instead. 


Move your bottom Combat Echelon left one node, up three nodes, right one node, then up again and end your turn. 


Move your bottom Combat Echelon left 1 node then up 2 nodes and end your turn.

The Goliath will attack during the enemy turn. 

Turn 5 (Bad Goliath RNG)


Move your bottom Combat Echelon up 1 node, then right 1 node, then up 1 node and end your turn.

If the Goliath decides to walk away, make sure to kill it on the way to the Radar for the 3 Kills!

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