Chapter 12-1E: Morning Conference I

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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Gold: Defeat 6 Enemies in 7 Turns and Capture the Enemy Command Post

Silver: Capture the 2 Heavy Heliport in the bottom right and top left corner

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 2 ARSMG Echelons
    • Due to the need to fight Dogs and their shield mechanics, RoF and Multi-hit Skills are recommended. Grenades can also be helpful for this map
  • 3 HOCs
    • Use the three starting HOCs (BGM, AGS, 2B14)
  • Taunt or Twin Fairies recommended

Clear Steps

Shattered Connexion mechanics arrive in story fully:
EMP Towers, new KCCO Mobs, and Abandoned Buildings turning to Rubble. We will be using all of these tricks on this map to control and evade the various Enemies, although there are a few fights on the way. 

As always, make sure to keep your tanks out of the Archer's Molotov arrows. MP5 Mod2, G36c or Thompson can help with these as well. Bring Rate of Fire or Multi-hit ARs to burst down the Shields on the Dogs as fast as possible, but outside of more precise movement and Enemy control, this map is relatively straightforward mechanically. 

This one is 29 pages!!!! 

Yup. Dodging Deathstacks is fun.
I can feel my soul leaving my body just looking at this. Of course it has Deathstacks.

Handholding intensifies.

Turn 1


Deploy two Combat Echelons, preferably with Taunt or Twin Fairies. Send the Echelon on your Base down to pick up the Abandoned Goliath.


Deploy a Friend Echelon on your Base. Now switch your Goliath Echelon with the Friend and your second Combat Echelon on the Heavy Heliport, then move down-right onto the upper Substation and activate it.


Move your 2nd Combat Echelon down-right to the lower Substation and activate it as well. This way, the EMP Towers will have even more power when activated.


Deploy 2B on the Heavy Heliport  and resupply, then deploy a Friend Echelon on your Command Post and set it to Eliminate.


Move your Goliath Echelon up-right two nodes to the first EMP Tower and use the E!M!P!EX.
End your turn afterwards.

Notice the blue Arrow-Down Icon on Enemies.

 Thanks to the E!M!P!EX all Enemies that got hit by it won’t be able to move this turn.

Turn 2


Move 2B onto the upper Substation, then move the Goliath Echelon to the upper EMP Tower and down-right onto the Abandoned Building to place the Goliath.

Goliath Usage

You set the explosives and they will explode when you detonate them, destroying everything around it! This will also spawn a Detonator two nodes down.


Move the upper Echelon down to the Detonator.

Don’t use the Detonator just yet! We want the Typhon to walk onto the Abandoned Building so we can blow it up.


Move the lower Combat Echelon right one node and then up one node to surround-capture the Heavy Heliport. 

If your upper Combat Echelon is too Damaged, you can swap it with the lower one at this time, as one Echelon will be left behind going forwards.


Move the Echelon on the Detonator-node up-left three nodes to surround-capture the left Heavy Heliport.
End your turn.

Turn 3


Deploy BGM on the newly captured Heavy Heliport in the bottom right corner.
Resupply, then swap her with a Combat Echelon and move her up one node onto the Detonator.


Move the Echelon which is now standing on the Heavy Heliport left one node.


Deploy another HOC (AGS) and switch with the Echelon next to it. 

AGS is recommended for this because she can bombard Rubble should BGM be unable to destroy them in 2 shots each. 


Use the Detonator BGM is standing on. 

See all that Rubble? Now we have to clean up what we did...


Begin destroying all the Rubble with BGM - start with the nearest two.


Swap BGM to the Heavy Heliport to resupply.


After resupplying BGM, move her back to where she was and up-right one node further, then destroy any remaining rubble, starting with the one top right.


If you can't destroy all the Rubble with BGM, move AGS up-right one node and destroy what's left of it.


Move your leftmost Combat down-right one node.


Resupply your Combat Echelon and 2B by switching with the Friend Echelon and then back to prepare for the last fight.
Set the Friend Echelon to Standby.

End your turn.

Alternatively you can switch the Friend Echelon to where your Combat Echelon is and let them do the last fight - given that the Friend Echelon can beat it.

Turn 4

Make sure that all your Echelons are away from Deathstacks and the Friend Echelon is set to Standby if you haven't done it already. 
If you forgot and took the last fight with your Friend Echelon you might be in a bad spot, but you can try to switch Echelons around to get everyone out of harms way.

End your turn.

Turn 5


BGM will now charge the Command Post. Move her up-right two nodes, then up-left two nodes and again up-right two nodes, onto the Enemy Base.
End your turn to capture it and beat the map!

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