Chapter 12-4E: Morning Conference IV

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Article by Marie Soulmuse
Step-by-step clear guide for Girls' Frontline main story Chapter 12-4E: Morning Conference IV
Table of Contents

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Gold: Defeat 4 Enemies in 1 turn and Capture the Enemy Command Post


Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  Farming time!

Clear Steps

It's finally here, 12-4E! Grape can finally take a vacation, and 416 can come off the bench.

Assuming you can clear all of Chapter 12, that is.

Details, details. Do we really need to make a guide for this? It's just spawn, supply, rush Command Post, consult farming guide, roll in cores.
Yes. We should probably explain a bit about farming while we're here.

Alright, alright!

12-4E farming uses an extremely simple route, requiring two clicks to set up planning mode. You will see that route below. 

In terms of DPS, 416 Mod 2 is all you need (some conditions apply). 

Don't take this as an excuse to dupe a 416 Mod 2 randomly though! Unless you intend to farm this map, a lot-

More than 6-7,000 times. 

You can skip on duping 416 MOD. 

If you aren't using 416 Mod 2, then K11, SOPMOD Mod 2, or Uzi Mod (with some HGs to buff her Damage) are the DPS of choice for this map if you are dragging. 


Tanking duties are left to a Shotgun with Gold Armor (Level 60 SG or higher), or to M16 with her Speq Maxed out. Beware that if you are using M16, she can't reduce all Damage to 1, so you'll be paying more in repairs. 

Dolls go in a 'b' Formation. 

The extra benefit of this run is that you are almost ensured to fully link a MAT 49 on nothing but drops, as this route has two checks from kills and the S-Rank check as well.

I think that about covers it. I'm off to take a quick nap before the Division Collab.

Oh! But first, show Ari some love - she did the vast majority of the work on Chapter 12 and saved me from certain death. 


Turn 1


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the bottom left Heavy Heliport and a Dummy on your Base.
Move your Combat Echelon up-right one node, right one node, up three nodes and right one node, then end your turn to beat the map.

If you are using planning mode, you can click to the left of the Command Post, then to the right of the Command Post and the map will complete itself. It's that easy.

Video Guides:

Farming Guide

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