Chapter 12-6: Goodbye, Daybreak

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Mission and Clear Conditions:


Gold: Defeat 4 Enemies in 4 turns and beat the map
Silver: Capture both Closed Heliports in the middle
Objective: Defeat all Enemies

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations:  

  • 2 RFHG Combat Echelons
    • Self-Buffers recommended, and the ability to fight Hydras and Minotaurs. ​​​​​​​
    • Just use Grape
  • 1 HOC
    • 2B14 Recommended

Clear Steps

Normal Difficulty Chapter 12 closes on a relatively interesting note. The KCCO throw the book at you with this one, as the new SC Enemies pour in. Bring RF/HG echelons for this map, even with the Archers and Doggos on the field. While RF/HG makes these fights trickier, the large numbers of armored Enemies means that AR/SMG teams will struggle to deal enough damage. 

The big building in the center of the map is a Recce Center, familiar to those played SC or Theater, although fighting them in SC was not a requirement. They also appeared in the Far Side of the Sea event disguised as beach huts. Recce Centers spawn Pathfinders (also featured in Far Side of the Sea as sentient watermelons) every so often.
However, in yet another example of MICA coding genius, Recce Centers are not Elite Enemies, and as such are susceptible to Grape's 45x Skillshot, which makes the 15 Cerynitis that accompany the Recce Center more threatening than the Centers themselves. They do have Evasion, but this isn't much of an issue during the day. 

The rest of the map is a straightforward search and destroy mission.
Apply DPS to Enemies, profit. When fighting the Archers, watch out for the zones targeted by their molotov arrows, but that's about it!

Turn 1


Deploy 2 Combat Echelons.
Move the left one up-right one node, then up-left one node and move the right Echelon up-right one node, then down-right one node.


Deploy 2 RFHG / MGSG Friend Echelons and set them to Eliminate Enemies (ARSMGs might have problems against Armor).

End your turn.

Turn 2


Deploy a HOC on the Heavy Heliport (2B14, M2 or AGS are preferred). 
Swap your right Combat Echelon up-left with the Friend Support, then swap your left Combat Echelon with the other Friend Support and move down-right one node.

2B14 is highly recommended here, due to her higher straight Damage dealt to regular mobs and the lack of Force Shields amongst the Enemies here.


Resupply both Combat Echelons by switching them around to the Heavy Heliport and back.

Move the left Combat Echelon up-right two nodes. Move the other Combat Echelon up-left one node, then up right one node. This will capture the closed Heliports for the Silver Medal. 

End your turn.

Turn 3


After resupplying, swap your HOC with the Friend Echelon above it, then move up-left one node and swap with both Combat Echelons so the HOC is below the Recce Center. 


Move your upper Combat Echelon down-right one node, up-right two nodes and up-left one node.

Then swap the lower Combat Echelon up-left with the Friend Echelon and move up-right three nodes.
End your turn.

Turn 4


Move both your Combat Echelons up-left one node and then move your HOC up-right one node and up-left two nodes, switching with both Combat Echelons. Resupply all Echelons as needed.


Now resupplied, move your upper Combat Echelon up right 2 nodes and the right Combat Echelon up-right one node, down-right one node and again up-right one node to defeat the last Enemy.

If you need fire support for the last fights, you can still move your HOC close enough since we have 2 spare Action Points.

Otherwise, end your turn to complete the mission. 

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