Chapter 8 Night Walkthrough and Farming Guides

Chapter 8 Night has now been released on Girls' Frontline EN as of the Feb. 4 maintenance! This page will be a compilation of all the relevant guides and information about the new chapter.

Note: You will need to run and clear Chapter 9-4 Emergency to unlock Chapter 8N, even if you have already cleared it before. 

Chapter 8N S-Rank Walkthrough

While Night maps simply need to be cleared rather than S-Ranked for the one-time rewards, the strict turn limits, night battle penalty, and fog of war mechanic make this more challenging than day maps. 

Fortunately, Girls' Frontline Corner has made a step-by-step Chapter 8N S-Rank walkthrough that should make it easy for anyone who meets the requirements to clear the maps. 

Chapter 8-1N EXP Farm: Zas Dragging

Chapter 8 contains one of the most efficient EXP farming maps in Girls' Frontline, 8-1N. Players who do not need any Dummy Cores can level up their units very quickly in 8-1N and gain some equipment enhancement fodder in the process, making it a lucrative map for certain commanders that meet the criteria. 

It is recommended to clear the map before doing this drag so that the story cutscene will no longer play. 

Readers familiar with the February 2020 Monthly Roadmap will have likely seen the below video from Ceia showcasing the Zas Drag farm route; if not, give it a look!


What are the absolute minimum requirements?

  • A Level 60 Zas, max-enhanced x1 Dummy Link with +9 Gold EOT, +10 Gold HV, and one source of FP buff from HG or Fairies can also reach the bare minimum FP requirement. 

What skill level must Zas be?

  • Skill Level 1 will be sufficient.

Will Airstrike Fairy farming be viable here?

  • Yes; Skill Level 2 is needed to do enough damage. 

FAMAS Special Equipment Farming

As with every new Night chapter, a new Special Equipment has been added for players who wish to farm it. Chapter 8 brings with it the Special Equipment for FAMAS, which unfortunately does little to improve her usefulness as an AR. 

FAMAS's Special Equipment, the FELIN System Sight
+48% Crit Rate
+4 Damage
+4 Accuracy

While an English-language walkthrough is not currently available, the below video from o智乃o showcases a 1-turn farming route.

M4A1 Mod exodia can also farm this map with a sufficiently good fairy.

More importantly, Chapter 8N's release is accompanied by an Exclusive Equipment Drop Rate Increase event:

This can be a good time to farm other maps for desirable Special Equipment, such as M16A1's Special Armored Exoskeleton if you do not already have it.

An excellent guide from Whim is included below, though note that much cheaper teams (5HG, or 1AR exodia) can used at this time as EN players now have access to fairies.